Any reason for Region Wars when we have Cross Region Wars?

I feel the addition to have bigger pools of players for this is a good thing as there are a lot of issues with population when normal Region wars happen.

Any explanation as to why we still have Region Wars when Cross Region Wars is just better all around?

Because it isn’t. Many factions get shut out of higher prizes during cross region wars. If CRW were all there was many more people would quit. It’s bad enough warring for crummy rewards, warring for none isn’t going to happen.


Rewards can be altered, the people who you go up against can’t if it isn’t CRW. The lower populated regions suffer due to this.

Nah both are needed. If we were never against each other, there wouldn’t be any rivalry. We like fighting our region. CRW is great addition, not replacement.


Good point.

Because scopely doesn’t give away any more then they can possibly avoid.


No crw because it would show how dead region’s are. You’d see what it’s like for the majority playing. As seen by last couple crw you’d be here crying why isn’t anyone matching or why are we losing the other faction only wars lower faction. Or any of the other complaints about war. Simple fact is war sucks now!

Yes, rewards could be altered. Do you really see that happening though?

Agreed, that it could doesn’t mean it is.