Any plans for a 6* Hemorrhage?

Hemorrhage is pretty underrated since its pretty much bleed and a bunch of toons can heal that and that is why in the 5* era it wasn’t used that much but what made hemorrhage special was that it was a permanent debuff and any bleed applied after hemorrhage would stack with it and with a lacerator it would be the greatest wombo combo since melee. So will it happen @JB.Scopely?

Anything is possible I’ll bring it to the team.


Hemorrhage is just worth it on PvE
Using it in PvP is too long and if someone dies because of it, he can be revived

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Would be a Great oppotunity for a 6* Darnell, just sayin…

Of course, recover bleed active skill is pretty prevalent - does it also cure haemorrhage?

yeah hemorrhage counts as bleed but its never ending.

Yeah I know what it is.

But with Command Glenn, Leagues Zeke amongst others able to cure bleed with their active skill, if it also cured haemorrhage it would nullify it’s used quite dramatically

They probably won’t make one because it’d render human shield and healing teams almost “useless”. Scopely is in it for the money.

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