Any plan to fix the boosted 2*?


SOL guys. Jb said on line earlier that they need reports in text, in a certain format and only then will they look into it. I can’t be bothered doing it myself as it’s scopelys problem and not mine. The only way they will understand is when they start losing money or seeing less coining etc, so the way to make em notice is fairly simple.


Yea they dont have any cheat detections. I hacked for testing on my second acc to look how long it will take to ban me. So they needed 10 months to ban me, but the only reason why they banned me was cuz I reported myself and I have bought stuff at VK. Good Job scopely :’)


Imo they would of already shut vk down if they didn’t have a hand in it


Yea and how can VK give me chars? Or how can they sell Liliths etc.


Exactally my point


Honestly the vk deal is one thing… Boosting 2* it literally does not matter what your team is they end entire wars in 2 minutes against maxed defenses. This shouldn’t be a difficult thing to catch… And why is it our responsibility as players to bring these to the team in a given format only to have them likely do nothing about it. We reported the same accounts the previous crw and no action was taken on those accounts. Yet scopley believes I should pay $25 for survivor club when they can’t even ensure my war competition won’t be ruined by hackers using boosted 2*? Where are these line groups with jb?


@JB.Scopely still awaiting a reply to this game breaking hack - can anything be done?


Can I offer one far too simple fix? How about only allow characters 3* and above for crw…would this solve it or do you think the hackers would adapt quick?


got to love getting wiped by a bunch of prestige 7 in 2 minutes. Scopely doesn’t care because people have to spend money to keep up!


There is no keeping up… You can have absolutely perfect teams and will be dead in 2 minutes… How is this not an issue? Do the top factions not run into this? We are a newer region and it sure killed the fun of crw when top 3 place winnners were all boosting 2*


it is an issue. Been like this forever. Nothing done.


@JB.Scopely can u please chime in on the issue? Crw for Fairfield is no fun when u have 1 Russian and 2 Spanish factions running boosted 2* constantly… Can you either offer a solution or not match us with Lexington and Williamsburg again? It is blatant cheating


They can boost the stats of any toon in their roster - It’s not a fix at all.


Do you experience this happening in your crw also? IMO they should probably find a fix if they expect players to spend on the next new premier… Without a fix it honestly doesn’t matter what characters you have… You still lose. Why would anyone pay for any new characters if they are all far weaker than readily available 2* boosted? Seems silly doesn’t it?


Need to add new two stars to the game hackers know the exact hex addresses to modify only certain toons. Mac , and George’s specifically. But I’m sure that’s too much work.


This really kills the desire to improve in this game… I have a hard time understanding why scopely wouldn’t want to protect what they have


the only thing they will protect is a steady stream of money coming in. Nothing else matters as they have proven many times in the past

Coming soon is Tower 4. Stop all game gaurdians and other hacks from working. Cost = £5 per chance to take the tower


@JB.Scopely can you at least acknowledge this is an issue? We have reported for 2 straight crw and I am sure nothing is being done


Our faction was by a mile the best faction in our CRW but we only finished 5th. Faction that took 1st was 225-1 in war. Their one loss was from us that coined and forced them to either coin or lose. They lost that one. Next war against them we are dead in 5 minutes. Top 4 factions in our CRW all hacked. I’m from McCormick region btw


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