Any plan to fix the boosted 2*?


We are in crw with Williamsburg(ru) and Lexington(es) and multiple factions are far too obviously using the boosted 2* attacking hacks… Wiping entire faction of s9 and better in literally 2 min when they have no team over s8 and terrible toons (sometimes s4 teams). Scopely unable to stop people from using this hack or what’s the deal? Cheating takes the fun right out @JB.Scopely


Figured they’d be able to look directly into rosters, like they did that one Time about a week ago


Doesn’t work like that. The exploit is game Gaurdian. If modifies a value. For example, modifies a certain characters atk Stat from 200 to 20000 just by typing it in. Only works on attack as far as I know. It sucks. If I were them I’d do what pokemon go did, refuse to open the game when they notice an app like game Gaurdian installed.


The boosted stats are temporary and and disappear once they exit the cheat program so looking into rosters wont do much. They could set a maximum value for all toons stats and flag them once a toon goes over that limit. That would have to be implemented in the gave code and not on the server since you can lose connection and still complete a raid.


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Correct. This game Gaurdian app is also used to modify the amount the 100k xp mission gives. That’s why people get over 2 million just like that by claiming the mission.


Wont work any more since a year, they are no longer able to edit scavenger missions and GG is also no more longer working, they are using cheat engine on pc to edit Atk, Def and HP


Wow, am I the only one who thinks this is getting a little out of hand. Literally nothing wrong with that other than he used the word :checkered_flag::black_flag: 🤦


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I know, but still. The only other one I can think of is St!®ke lol


@JB.Scopely any response on this? Pretty ridiculous to allow this to completely ruin crw… Literally top 3 in our crw are just using boosted 2*


Seems like something they could stop if they wanted too, they’ll never stop all of them but make it a pain in the ass and you’ll stop the lazy people


I see you are interested in 2* characters.

They are available from training grounds. I will share you concern with a dedicated team. I assure you the team is very interested in these reports, but I cannot share any details on how or when this will be addressed.

Is there anything else I can help with?



They don’t give a …, they only care if they loose money
It’s real fun to fight against four Russian regions, especially Meriweather.
Avengers and 2D, just to mention 2 Factions. Especially Avengers, defeat every facion in two minutes.

It would be so easy to avoid cheating: just dont’t give em the prices, when there’s no incentive, ther’s no need to cheat.


They are hard at work on their new game


Like rats to a sinking ship


how do you beat that


I still have a couple of weapons like that in beta, when we 1st got weapon modding they gave us a ton of broken op (in theory) stats, but none of it seemed to make a difference in game, which is why I recycled most of them.

now if this is a recent thing, or a non beta Region, then yes its hacked.


its non beta and semi recent… its a team of 2…both gators with 1 star weapons…my green s9 windowless team is smashed in seconds…stun and taunt are ineffective…only thing i found to counter it is ab0 but all it takes is for one connected hit and blamo! pushing daisies…to bad ab0 isnt really absolute 0…should be " negate an offensive attack, maybe." i stopped trying to beat them two immortal toons


We were in I believe group 22 - did other groups not have the same issues? I mean seriously they were wiping full s9 and finishing the entire war in 2 minutes. This is not even possible. They actually had weaker teams and it doesn’t matter when you boost 2*…