Any of these toons still relevant in current meta

I’m pretty sure I know the answer just thought I would get some other opinions before I invest anything in them.

I think zander for a variety of blue command is always worth it. Command always has value. Of course siddiq is prob kicking around but having both is nice

Yeah I have a fully leveled Siddiq which has a faster AR but I use Dale for command in most scenarios that’s why I was on the fence with him

I hear ya. With the gear demand s class have they are all benchwarmers not even ascended for me as well lol

Zander absolutely. He still does well for me on Drafts. I would go so far to say that Alpha could also be utilised well currently (but probably not a few months down the line). I don’t rate Sherry at all.


Yeah I wanted that Alpha 6 months ago of course I get her now. I’ve heard varied opinions on Sherry some say shes a pain I personally have never had issues with her


I think at this point the main reason to level these older toons is for red velvet cake collections

I can imagine Alpha being a velvet collection but now Zander is in the store I don’t imagine he will be with their current strategy of mainly promos only (minus a couple of war wheel toons).

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Zander #1 is still awesome
Ask @zanwich
Yellow alpha never really was
Sherry I’m sure could sneak into a decent team and I could definitely see her popping up in a cake collection

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Zander is great. I’ve seen Sherry put to good use in tanky/healing def teams i.e. behind Pete. Not sure about Alpha. That AP bomb looks useful on paper though

People complain about the lack of gear, yet they level up all their characters…

I would suggest you wait until it actually is a red cake collection (if they even will be), and THEN level them.

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Zander is very usable still but is prone to manipulation of exhaust if he has his default weapon special.

They ran Zander in a velvet cake collection already once so who knows if it will come back around again but that was the main reason for asking. I cant see invest much gear into a toon unless they can be relevant still

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