Any news on today's level up

I know so many of you are waiting so I’m patiently for this level up but could anyone throw a little information about it thanks

Idk when it starts but these are the rewards


2,000,000 points will reward you with a piece of epic gear.

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Is like the crate but now you get to see what’s in it.

Must be nice to just send out the same tournament everyday.

Thxu heart pressing for you

Frustrating to see gear dedicated to alert 6 stars, basically no point taking part as I have all the necessary to upgrade my Mirabelle to T4 and I don’t have any other alerts! Yes, I know that random bags still have a chance to give me alert gear, but there is also a chance they won’t

Yep so sick of getting broken heart tokens every level up…:wink:

I wish they would of started the SR tournament today as well instead of tomorrow. Nothing worse than a 24 hour SR event :frowning:

Agreed. I actually like SR tourneys but absolutely despise when they’re short ones. Ugh.

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Good to see the bags are gone for milestones. We can now at least only participate for gear we need.

Instead of four Lilith and four Ulysses, first places a chance to pull for five of them combined!

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Not quite sure what you are saying. So you would rather have 5k in broken heart tokens rather than 4 guaranteed Lilliths and Ulysees for first place?

My comment was being sarcastic to the person who said it’s the same thing every time. This is the first time we have got these tokens as a reward in a raid so clearly it is not the same as previous ones.

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Apparently mine was sarcasm to your sarcasm. Inception?

Just gonna repeat this. Really let it sink in for a minute.

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To be fair he said tournaments not prizes.

So his statement stands.

Yeah but if he actually meant tournaments then what game has he been playing the last year. We have 5 events. War, Raids, Survival Road, Level up’s and Faction Assault. Was he expecting a new event to suddenly pop up? lol

He’s bitching about the rewards like everyone does every single event. Listen if you don’t like them then stop playing. It’s that simple. They are not magically gonna turn into the good stuff. They keep that under lock and key and lots and lots of coins. If you want it then you gotta spend for it. That’s the Scopely way and more power to them for being able to make the money like they do. I’m cheap so I stopped giving a crap months ago.

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In reality it’s basically the same prizes but worse. If the wheel had a chance at a toon or something that would be one thing. But it’s just a wheel full of secondary tier prizes.

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If they were toons in the wheel they would be garbage 5 stars. I would rather have the trainers and work towards maxing out my existing 6 stars.

They gave out 3 toons basically for free since Jan. All melee I might add so if anyone should be upset its ranged players. Four if you count Gator from ascendancy. Meanwhile, we can’t get the Gov and its been 4 months. We have one f2p ranged leader Mira and she pales in comparison to Carl. These are things worth bitching about unless of course your a melee player and then your happier than a pig in mud.

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Instead of 8 guaranteed trainers, its 5 pulls at the wheel of getting what you don’t want, and 3 bags of gear. Definitely a step down from 4 ulysses and 4 liliths, but i need the red gear personally so i will go for the 2 mil and see.

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