Any news on the next round of region transfers?

Anyone got news on the next group of regions to be opened for transfers. We’re dying a rather quick death over here in newberry. @JB.Scopely

My guess is after the season ends, pray your region opens. Please Scopely open Kershaw as well as Newberry. I promise to spend more MONEY…

I hinted at it last week, that the new batch of opens will take place around the Season 4 kick-off.

I also play in Newberry and wait on it :hugs:

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Getting slowly fed up with it, huh?

Thanks God, we needs to move out of newberry

I’ve asked customer support (???) when they’re going to open up a region, so I can move and join a faction my friends are in… the only response from Scopely was to periodically check to see what regions are open…
How about a little transparency for the players and just post the dates when these regions will be opening up… Wake up Scopely

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Newberry is hopping compared to Fairfield… What a dump we finished 8th I. Guessing you were 7th region wise?

Yea we’ve been getting 7th in all the crw, and unfair pairings last war we were paired with a 3 year old region. Alot of people been selling or retiring their accounts. Place is like a ghost town

Fairfield has one decent faction and even that faction is running out of players… Top faction placed 20 something with 1/4 of the regions points lol. Such a terrible region

I retired from newberry it became to much trying to maintain top 100 rank in 2 regions

You dont like being with us?

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