Any news on the next re-mod event?

Its been a while and I have lots of new legends. Anyone know when the next remod will be, probably just before wars again?

1st Thursday of the month has been the trend

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It shouldn’t cost anything to move them around at will and no one should have to beg you for a free day either but of course you had to try and monetize the process just like everything else in the game.

Here’s a question. Does anyone regularly spend real money to move mods around? I’m curious because if the answer is no then get rid of the cost scopley. If it does make you a nice chunk of change then more power to you.


Wish we got more of these “events” than level ups and raids

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I assume the cap is there for the same reason because once you hit it you can still level up your mods so long as your willing to pay for it.

This game is nothing but a bunch of huge walls and the only way through is by using cold hard cash and while I was able to put up with that because the game was still fun but that’s no longer the case.

It’s stale, repetitive, and devoid of fun. Clocks ticking for a bunch of us scopes. Fix it. Now.

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The “trend” if anyone wants to call it that, as there were only a handful of them done so no one can really call a set pattern, was roghly every 4 weeks and before a CRW. There was no CRW last week so mod swap would have been less valuable. Most likely next CRW they will have one.

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It did happen in december. It was the last one we had, 1st Thursday in December

Usually happens before crw

It was the last Thursday of November that overlapped to the 1st day of December when there was a CRW.

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