Any news on a update?

Would love to hear what the team is working on?
Would love to know how many are in the team also…as I expect less than there should be,…

Territory fixing

Scavenger totally updated with more realistic times, updated gear rewards, fairer xp Missions, more options…just a total do over.
Money can be made and it’s a good way of giving F2P members another way to earn gear and resources they need.

Team organisation update. Give tabs for different events. Like Territories

Supply Depot. The original one needs updating and not just the toons in there. Need something for those who have everything in there to buy that will benefit. Maybe refills, Trait trainers, Lilliths, Aden’s, Ulysses, unique Weapons, spray paints…

More faction options…,badges etc…

Faction Assasults should be considered to run more like they are during this winters event.

Just a few of the things that need an update and bringing into the 6* world…(6* have been out for 2 years now right? Should have been done by now imo)

No news on a update as of yet. Keep on surviving

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The only updates they are worried about is the new boosted stat promo toons bud … keep surviving

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