Any new server? Less than 5 days on? :)


I want to start playing this game again. Problem is, there is still no info about server age… SO if anybody here can give me some info about some new servers I would be very happy. Thank you very much!


It’s a trap


Jeff Davis is one of the newest regions. However, I do not recommend starting over since new players at this point will have a terrible time trying to compete if they refuse to drop hundreds of dollars hoping to pull 6*s.


There’s dozens of people on Jeff Davies that have spent on every single 6* since the server came out a few weeks ago.

I saw 1 dude, MAX prestige, with a full team of 5s/6s by week 2…


that guys wallet is dedicated no?


The irony is of course the point of doing a “new region rush” was to dominate in war, in order to WIN WORTHWHILE TOONS

That entire meta has been destroyed as no one cares if they are 1st or 3rd in war since the prizes are trash and don’t move the needle anyway.

Running to a new region to dominate a bunch of ghosts and trolls… pointless.

Dominating an old region? Pointless as prizes are trash

Dominating a CRW? except for fast maggie, it’s been pointless.