Any new regions coming up?


I’m à new player and want to start a brand new region before I do my first 10 pull,and do things over a bit better. Is there any way to keep track of upcoming region releases?


They don’t need to open any new ones. Judging by the success of Dade, just re-open the locked ones and have the new players go there.


Wow. Fast RESPONSE! Another good thing about the game and it’s community. I’m in dade and just about to pull a 5* after 5 days. Placed top 50 in SR event too. So it’s worth stay put?


You can always scroll through the Region List and see which regions are “Low Population” and join one of those!

Also you can scout out the regions after the tutorial by talking in Global or just skimming the leaderboard to see if it is the level of competitiveness that you are looking for.