Any new legacy in works?

are there any other legacies planned for the near future? @GR.Scopely


Only if there S-classđź‘Ť

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It would be nice to know…even if its just to clear roster space.

Kate or Victor 6* would still be awesome though


Definitely :+1:

In the promiseletter (the maybe letter) they say more to come

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but… will it be worth it now.

If it hasnt got S Class stats or new prem stats then there not worth it.

Even though every 5* was supposed to be made into an ascendable

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In 2020 there is a possibility that 6-7 legacy will become 6*, however now the 6* will become less likely to get due to the 2 week S-Class promos…

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Stop with asking for legacies already their day is gone especially with the way that Scopely gives them crap ass toolkits


It’s a shame they didn’t even make an effort to follow through with that before moving on to S-Class, even though I’m surprised they ever said it to begin with considering legacies don’t make them money. Would have been nice to have more of the OP 5s as 6*s though just to make them more relevant again.
That’s why I like Old School Arena so much because I get to use my old favourites.

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you are right…but if they would let us know not to expect any more legacies, then at least I can clear out my roster.

being hopeful, if they can make kate, carlson, victor legacies, they would still be relevant in current meta.

It’s still fun to wait for legacies for me tho.

Gonna check vk leaks on my phone.

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There won’t be

Short Answer, No.

Yes and no. Players still deserve f2p content. So if they aren’t going to give out free S class, then they might as well continue the legacies.


Every Sclass is free?

Every sclass is free. Just a long grind

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This is probably the only thing good about this system. In fact, it’s exactly what players used to ask for, “make more grindable content, and make every promo available f2p after a while”. Be careful what you wish for; the genie has a way of giving you what you ask for without giving you what you want.

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It’s a pretty great system

Not true.

They become eventually F2P reachable after some time, but aren’t from the start.

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I can dig that but they have a record of letting us down with underwhelming toons or making them need special gear to level as of recently. With the amount of resources Sclass take we cant afford to waste them on non meta relevant toons.