Any more year 3 tokens?


Now I have 15 tokens. Around 13 days left. There is a 7 days offer selling 25 tokens.

If JB or anyone knows, is there any events to collect tokens? Possibly an AOW. What is the rewards?

I am highly considering to buy the offer but 50 tokens is not enough for a pull. I don’t want at the end I have 80 tokens left.


Do you have the $5 deal for I think it was 25 tokens


Oh my bad you said you have 15 odds are you won’t unless you buy some


Hope so as it still has 10+ days to go.

But probably the only way to squeeze out another pull will be via means of Visa debit.

I was 20 tokens short so bought an offer. As I don’t trust that we would get any more chances.


At 15 I highly doubt there will be enough time for another pull without having to resort to spending. Wasn’t this the same problem with the lucky tokens that towards the end there were no events that awarded tokens?

Sensing a pattern here. :smirk:


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