Any more info on this scopes?


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Scopely: “What free rosita?”


You mean the one from the 150 Sr thing


No, it was a thing they did where you purchased coins and stuff that cost real money from the shop and you were supposed to get a Rosita. No-one did.


Yes… Still waiting…


That was an offer for newbies


Idk what hurts worse the fact that I didn’t get Rosita from my purchases or that I spent a lot trying to pull for her as a 5* when she came out and now they giving her away for basically nothing either way Still sad about it :frowning:


It didn’t specify new players as far as I remember, just said it won’t apply to purchases using in game currency.


Correct. The offer was intended to go to newbies only but got sent to several others. But no where on the offer did it say it was intended for new players. So it was false advertising and as a customer you are entitled to reparation for their mistake.


Exactly. Now this tokens crap. Giving us RTS tokens instead of allowing us all to get the 350 Year 3 tokens that certain players got for 0.99 USD


Do they think we are fools who will eat up whatever they give us?


Obviously they do lol


I saved my meme from the other thread! If only we could get her from the RTS tokens coming our way!!



We want Rosita!!!


Wow they actually sent the rosita and some raid and world tanks. Im quite suprised


I got one but she’s the dual guns 5 star


Nope, i’m prestige 9 and 4th time buying 30days coins i’m not newbie buying in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


I just got it today in my inbox. Im not new player. I got rosita, 4* abe 5 tent tokens, 10 world cans, 10 raid cans, 5 wep tokens 5 bags of food & materials.


idk about you but i got mine… :+1:


I got her today… no idea why. Didn’t even know of this “promo”. She came with a lot of cans though!
Thanks, I guess? LOL