Any monthly event for August?

Just wondering if there is any news on an event this month similar to pathways using missions? Seems obvious that nobody will be interested in 3 weeks of tournaments to try to win Romanov so really hoping there will be a reason to play this month.

I hope so bud but I’m F2P so just not sure

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I think the next event will be the 4th anniversary

When is that? I planned on playing until end of the league season and giving it up if no changes but really can’t be bothered if nothing to do

Pathways, August edition. Impossible mode requires 100 energy per stage. Completion unlocks ‘outdoors,’ something you’ll see more of through phasing out playing :smile: :sunny:


See how much money we can make off of roadmaps!

What you see is what you get!

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Oh dear oh dear. Guess it’s time to pack my bags then, may pop back in a few weeks and see if anything changed

I hope this years anniversary event is as crazy as last years lol. Straight fuckery for awhile on here cause of it

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Anniversary event toon will be a f2p blue trait with military shotgun.
Which he uses as a melee weapon to gun butt toons with because scopely don’t want to give him shotgun shells seeing as he is f2p🤦

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I’m sure they are dedicating the entire month to making good on their promises. That 30-60 day span is coming up. Tik tok :wink::wink:

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I think they’ll have a good anniversary event that will include the new Chinese toons. If scopely is smart, they’ll at least give f2p a chance* at a free S class toon

*Scopely odds, so 0.005% chance

So when is the anniversary? Worth hanging about for?

It will be 6 months after the actual anniversary, because, ya know, its Scopely…

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It’s this month, I think in the middle.

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