Any luck on legendary tokens?


For those of you who didn’t sit there for 5 min looking at the characters, Non acendable 5*s are in there too. Bought the $5 offer and got omid. $25 for another pull is just sad


$5 dollar 6* is good.


Think your the first one to get a 6* that ive seen


If this shit was 99 cents I would of tried my luck…


Pulled 6* Glenn. He’s eluded me for years!


For $4.99, I also pulled Glenn. The he finally showed up in my depot for the first time after it refreshed. FML


Complete ripoff.


I haven’t seen one person get a 6* from this wheel in any of my regions. ScAM!


This wheel is definitely a rip off, I spent 5 bucks for 1 pull and got 5* Oberson. Scopely is dumb, if they had only 5/6*s ascendables in the wheel, I’d probably spend 25 bucks for a pull at a nice toon, another let down smh.


5 bucks for a dupe Lester…So yup they got me


I got Aaron.
Which I thought was terrible, but appears to be one of the better ones.


I got aaron as well


Something people probably didnt check out before buying the tokens


I pulled 5s ben. :unamused:


5* ascendable Aaron so im okay with that


Keep surviving


I got 5* tess! Bullshit


Leon I spent 69.99 to buy my Hershel out right congrats awesome toon


Haven’t been this lucky for about two years. Thx.


About time some of us getting lucky