Any Leaks For leagues, etc


Just wanted to know if any are around.

The Thread of Threads

Yeah uhhh hear,d there is gonna be some new toons




Nah, they’re doing weapons only this time.


It’s going to be a wheel where you can only get 5 and 6* versions of yellow Kal.


I already have 3. I’m all set with any more


I’m impressed Scopes has keep the new toons under raps,


They will be tomorrow sometime


do a forum search next time so you can avoid doing a spam post of the topic posted 100 times :rofl:


Going to be all kals hopefully



So helpful you are


More helpful than anything you have ever posted :+1:


So you stalked his account and saw everything he’s posted?


Yes he is my biggest fan. I am grateful :heart_eyes:


Your biggest fan thinks you suck tho :cry:

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Good thing I could care less what Mr internet forum tough guy thinks. Have your mom bring some meatloaf down to your basement “apartment”


Are you referencing yourself because my mother is dead but thanks for trying to be cool again.


I guess that’s why she didn’t move much