Any insight into the level up prizes

I have another 100k and need to know if I should put in good toons or my normal 3s. Yes, I get the YGL 5-6 times a week.


Then after solo Level up will be a Faction level up for 5K 5* for first and assorted gear, Boots, walkies, tear gas grenades, etc! Can’t wait!


Just no imagination at all with these prizes right now. Just awful. They could of put some of the death tokens in the milestones or something. Sigh.

I got the grenade today. Yay me.

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Looks like a weekend off for me. Will.probably get the 500k milestone. Aim for top 100. Just boring AF :-1::-1:


Not sure what you guys were hoping for but i’ve Come to rely on the milestone structure. Depending on ygl i’ll Go 750k or 2 mill to ensure I can do 2mill in the faction level.

Do like the idea of some death tokens in the prizes or milestones though. Always seems like a missed opportunity when they don’t support the event with the tourneys.

Why so little for everyone not in top 100? We need more 5*s not less

Then you better get into the top 100?

Another set of cut and paste rewards. What a joke.


The joke’s on us, because we are in sunset mode hell right now

500K for a schoolbag is a direct insult to the player base


There’s absolutely no reason death tokens aren’t included in the empty slots…smh!

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Agreed. Duct tape or kits are always welcome. I do tend to like the limits on legendary medals after the power creep of 5*’s. Since there is not currently a power creep in 6*’s and we are limited by gear then I hope they open up medals.

I had 30% extra critical success on weapon craft and failed two attempts lol. What’s the point of the extra crit if it doesn’t make a difference smh. Should be more likely to succeed with extra 30%.

What time does it start?

Lol. Thanks. The life of a farmer. :tired_face:

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The bonus is +30% to the existing chance X%. So it’s not 70% chance, it’s 30% of X% + the base %

and the odds of getting the Good Crit are lower than the crap crits.