Any informacion about season 2 store?

Plese? @JB.Scopely only 2 days left

9 days left until the new store opens

Pretty sure they want to know what the characters’ stats are going to be. Not when it opens.

Yeah. I know. I was just pointing out that it’s till early. Season 1 store will still be in place during the season 2 seeding.

I’m sure lots of people, myself included, want to know what the new toons are going to be so they can either save their trophies from this season for the new toons, or buy what’s in the store now.
I got pretty much everything except from Mirabelle, I’m on the fence about her as I already have Abe + Zek.


Assuming by the knife and by the fact we had red and green toons in s1 and blue Tara is leaked for s2, Camila(medic) will be 2nd season 2 toon


league store 2 opens and gets revealed in 2 days. no shortcut. also no seeding, for those wondering. you start in the league you ended in last season

Pretty sure it gets revealed in 9 days. JB stated we would have another week to decide if we wanted any other characters or weapons from the store.


that would be such bs. we had 8 weeks man how long do you need hahaha


Well hopefully the russian scopely called vk “leaks” season 2 and shows those skills, lead skills, etc also no tbd please

Yeah it’s true, they keeping season one’s stuff there for an extra week. It’s lame af.

No seeding for season 2

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Yeah it’s gonna suck just like season 1 :joy:

Season 2 toons will be camila and tara, only thing is they are tbd and we have no idea about thier rush, etc

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Tara:Dissarm .Deal 1200 maim damage up to 2 enymys and confuse them for 3 turns.This character gain 100%bonus hp.

Camila:Human Shield or Confounding. Revive 1 teammate with 5% of thier max hp and gain 60% defence for 1 turn.All teammates regain 25%of thier max hp for 2 turns and gain 20% bonus hp.All teammates recover from stun and burn.

Lol hope it will be something like that, tho they will probably have like parting shot or some :poop: like that lmao

Revive 1 with 5% hp lolololol


What?scopes dont make f2p toon with 50%revive.

take that shìť out of here!

Scopley HQ think tank. Session for Season 2. “ I Got it. We make Shield with leader skill need special gear to level only available in league store. But don’t worry Season Token paks help level we can sell for a low 24.99 price . We make it so it Should take about 6 to max her. “ The Director “hmmm so we make more money. “ employee “Yes” Director “ Okay this sounds familar though?” Scopley employee “ Nawh it’s fresh. “ Director done run with it now and don’t bother me anymore I be out golfing in Mar largo the next 4 weeks. Also give the quality assurance team the days off next week before season 2 store launch. Those guys work so hard for us need a break.

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