Any info on the upcoming solo sr tourney?


Does anybody know the start time and rewards that are for this tourney yet? Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Don’t know about the time but I’m certain rewards will be the same as the level up and raid tourney.


Why not head over to the home of our friendly Russian hackers and check it out yourself?


I would but Russian hackers, I don’t know the whole thing sketched me out checking the site out lol.


Thanks for posting that up, no need to show the other bags, those are about as common as gloves haha.


VK is a social networking site hosting all the sorts of things that social networks do, including two pages dedicated to hacking WD:RTS. Don’t feel bad going there, when Scopely are literally forcing us there to get reliable information on upcoming events.


I stopped going to vk when they introduced you having to give them your phone number to register, I’m not giving them my number.


Just go there, I already gave them your Number.:+1:


Thank you for taking the time to post the rewards. :+1:

So this is where the 30 missing badges are. Love that we get a single pull from competing in three events because getting a pull from each one would have broken the bank aparently.


As long as we get Rick for free I don‘t mind the number of events.


I still want to see this happen. Week 1 is almost gone. There’s 3 more weeks. What’s the proof that in week 2 or 3 badges will become more accessible? Like you probably know you need 3200 power tokens. We all currently have 200 just 3000 more.


I‘m also waiting to see it.


There has to be a way to get massive tokens. Unless designed conpletely wrong, the max is 100 pulls which you almost need all each week to finish both stashes. So either tokens will be purchasable in ridiculous ways which I don’t think they could, because wouldn’t that count towards to faction totals? So you just buy your way to the top Or something is coming out that let’s you farm.


As we all do but you’re saying you think 30 is fine for an event and it should take 3 events to get a single pull rather than get a pull from each one? Why? Stash 2 has 86 pulls with the gear everyone here needs. Why should we barely get Rick and have to pay for the gear? It’s been 6 months and we still don’t have the roadmap that was promised to us. Do not allow them to make a contest and then keep everything locked up behind paywalls and rng just because they are dangling Rick in front of us.


Did the event started somewhere? We have nothing.


Starts 5pm EST.


We get about 500 token every week from the ranking, more if we hack our way up.


When this week ends we get community prize 1st-4th and faction prize. Should be around 400-500 for mos people.


Remember the 2nd stash costs 375 tokens, not 100. So for what we are getting its far too little per week.


I‘m not saying it should take 3 events, but honestly I wouldn‘t wail if it took 5 either. When I receive a gift I don‘t complain about the colour of the wrapping paper.