Any info on the next subscription toon?

I have andrea maxed. Is there any info on any upcoming toons being released?

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The end of your subscription is in your future. Congratulations you are wasting your money.

Good job!! High five!!

Will really show what kind of company this is if they bring out a new toon and change the gear from comics to something else. Players on the subscription might still have a week or two left on the month.

What kind of company this is? I’m pretty sure we all know that answer lol


They have show themselves plenty of times lol

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Go back to Andrea gate. Probably best example. Oh crap! We better get this “fixed” fast. What about all the bugs? Screw that, they don’t cost us money

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I really don’t blame them in Andrea gate. They would have lost basically every subscriber who leveled Andrea. I was mad at the time but they made it right by giving us compensation (more in some cases as I didn’t use lilliths or Ulysses).

But yea, they have made plenty of other questionable decisions and I fully expect this one to be another. Just like season 4 toons will require different gear.

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As far as I know they didn’t take away all the lilliths and adens everyone got from the turkey roadmap glitch. That’s what bothered me about Andrea. They just aren’t consistent on “fixing” their screw ups.

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Plus look how fast they can work when they really want to. It took them a couple hours for the Andrea “fix”. Everything else has to wait for the next update or even longer, or possibly never. Pretty frustrating to know how fast they can fix stuff when they feel like it

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no one goining to trust scopley anymore sorry scope

I do not think they thought past Andrea. I think they reeled in a few people to give them a guaranteed 25 a month, now it will be like most other things in the game ignored and or forgotten.

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And dont forget that they are saying hackers are legit now cause they dont know how they are hacking the game

You keep hearing it from him.

PM the screenshot, no point giving more attention to the player named.

If they change the gear for season 4 they better keep a way to keep jackets and caps in the store. I imagine people who aren’t in high active factions may have harder time obtaining gear. Hell im in a top fac and im barley scraping by…even tho the “tokens in leagues were upped” with taking coins from most the players. Prior seasons never had issues with running out of tokens.

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Yea this is the lowest I have been in a long time… and I have all three museum toons so this is quite the conundrum lol.

Ive had to buy more gear this season but thats mainly due to the caps and hats being extra because I still need other gear as well. Its completely mad they wont provide some other way for gear. I have so many toons i wanna try out and cant effectively see how they work as they are only halfway leveled. Its ridiculous they expect us to get by with league store being our best source. Honestly was thinking of grabbing diego but i looked and dont have any gear for him. He would sit there until i could get 5* gear to level then need 6* gear to max.


100 percent. Keeping gear away from players is just beyond ridiculous. Games been out for three years, six star for over a year. Enough already.

@JB.Scopely shoot himself in the foot saying the most know hacker is legit lmao

@anon76032564 the screenshot was sent in the diamond line group

Yes it’s called You arn’t getting another toon as scopley already has given you one.

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Feel it’s gonna be just like the prestige systems. Some ppl been maxed out for months and years and scopes ain’t update that since start

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