Any info on new league toons?

Have they said who’s going to be in league store in a few days

Type Abel in the search bar. He was the leaked Season 9 toon, you can find him in a few threads

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Waiting on the new thread asking for screenshots lol

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Is there a SS of new league toon lol

If you’re too lazy to search:

He’s Tough. Bound weapon has +30% HP, medium AP bonus attacked, and stronger attack. Decap. Rush deals 900% damage and inflicts HR on all enemies for one measly turn. Personally, he sounds decent and another Decap to go with Ty wouldn’t hurt me. But I’ll be checking if any of the other ascendables will be good for me.

So vk leaks usually dont come until the day before lemme do a quick check. So abel is 1/3 6 stars. I hope scopes add another dope p2p 6 (One thats usuable and that wouldnt be bide or payback)

Surprised a prediction thread hasn’t come up yet it usually pops up with like 6 days to go

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