Any ideas of what I route I should take?


I have a lot of those green background With the character’s names on the weapons, I could tinker with them I suppose. Couple of violent military shotguns too.


I just got Alert RTS sandy with decapitate. Looks like Mirabelle is the one atm. Although I’m quite unclear what heal reduction actually does. Unless it inhibits characters being healed?


Heal reduction takes the value of the heal and reduces by x%, in sandys case it is a full Heal Block. This also carries over into death where it acts as a temporary decap or heal reduction if not 100% on that toon until the timer runs out.


Doesn’t seem too useful, but the decapitate does. Im going to go with this setup for now: mirabelle,Tyreese, Sandy, Glen(unless Kenny is better here) and Timothy.


Exactly Carl is useless in front of Cooper , Bluegene and Timothy

But in front of Pirate Zeke and Pryia, now you have a nice core…