Any ideas of what I route I should take?


Hey there, not sure If this is in the wrong place but if so move it. I just want some advice from some experienced/willing players. Originally when I was prestige 6 I had barely anything but between Prestiege 7 and 8. I have gotten extremely lucky. Pulling Tyreese and Mirabelle(Ascendables) in one day. This event I pulled Negan, Abe and Carl (Ascendable also). My Mirabelle, Tyreese and negan are all tier 4. I also have yellow sandy and green Margaret in storage too. Just wanted some advice on who I should ascend first and what team I should build around them. Right now I’m rocking whateever I feel like, which isn’t working out most times. Any advice appreciated.


I would start by ascending Mira or Carl. Their leader skills are a game changer.

They will make it possible to competitively use some 5stars behind their massive buffs.

Idk if you want to go Ranged or Melee… but you have 3 ranged ascendable and only 2 melee, so maybe go Ranged.

Do u have SR Zeke? Or Any human shields? They are the most viable 5 stars right now IMO. So maybe take that into consideration as well.


Thanks for the reply. And no I do not unfortunately. I do however have 5* Blue Kenny and 5* Red Timothy if that helps. I was reluctant to go ranged route because my faction has like 3 Mirabelles already. Kinda want to be a bit different, but maybe I shouldn’t.


Yeah unfortunately there is not much variety on 6s teams yet. Abe and Negan are a little bit more rare though, if that makes u feel better.

I think blue Kenny’s time has passed, but I’ve seen a few people use Red Tim under Mirabel. I forget what Tim’s stats are, but I’m pretty sure I have seen him out there in his Indiana Jones hat.


I run 3/ranged along with shiva force zeke and 5* command mira for attack. Ty, Abe, Mira lead. as for attack they are a damn good set up. For a defense, carl lead is better imo because he is a Tank Leader. Negan ascended is a good second with him if youre in a newish region because, built right, he can be a TimeOut Tank with carl.


My experience with Carl lead is great. I can only recommend to ascend him first.


I don’t have Carl, but going up against him has been tough. He may be a good first ascendance.

I have mira and yumiko ascended and I really like them as I run a ranged attack team. But when Carl is lvld to T3, he’s tough and a pain.


Timothy is a command so that can be useful. Carl is the more defensive leader as he gives a bonus to hp and def.

I am loving Mirabelle currently though, she has made me change from a melee team to a ranged team, and it is working pretty well.
Carl for defence is probably the sensible option, he can make yellow Negan very hard to kill.
However Mirabelle and tye is a combo that has won me a lot of raids and war battles over the past few weeks but probably isn’t as good for defence.


A lot of mixed opinions, seems more leaning towards Mirabelle. THanks all, I will not have any of the materials to level a 6* past T2 I believe. But I think if it comes to it, I’ll roll a dice between Carl and Mirabelle. However I Hear Tyreese is needed at times for his decaptitate.


I think it’s going to depend on if you want to build up you defense first or your attack.


Lol Mira and Carl aren’t "game changers, they’re more like; “game breakers.” Ever since they came out as 6*, people took advantage of that and used them on teams, then awhile later people became bored of the leads and demand a bit more diversity in 6*s, but you’re right, I would ascend them first. :slight_smile:


Yeah the faction I mean I’m in consists of 7 Mirabelle leads, which is why I wanted to do something different. Might go Carl because I’m a fan of his character. Just wish I wasn’t so limited, don’t really have enough 5* atm to ascend multiple.


Carl always great… But it is difficult to tel you your the best Option, without showing us your whole 5* Toons.


I would suggest you ascend Mirabelle first as she is a viable defense team leader as well as a toon you can use in your raid team. Carl is really only useful as a defense lead and you also need a solid supporting cast to work that as a tank defense. I think so far Mirabelle is the most versatile of the ascendance characters for dual lead purpose or just working into a raid or defense team not as a lead.


Don’t worry about what everyone else has, as what everyone else has isn’t really going to increase your individual rankings in the game. If you want a strong defense, go Carl. If you want a strong offense, go Miranomoreboobs.

FYI I have Carl and negan in my offense with Abe and Tyrese and I’ve put a huge amount of rep on since with introduction of 6’s.


Im using ty to decap yellows in one rush if they arent full tank build with a carl lead.

This is using a 35 atk wep woth double huge wep and mira lead so his attack stat is gaudy as is.


I have several 5*, Ascendable: Carl, Mirabelle, Abe,Tyreese, Negan. Normal: yellow Sandy, Yellow Lester, green Margaret, Red Timothy, Blue anniversary Glenn and Blue Kenny. I’m thinking about using Margaret as ascension material along with my Benedicts.


If I go the ranged route, I’ll have an imbalance, which can easily be wiped by a fast team, as I have only got one other alert toon, (Timothy). That is unless I can get off a defence buff fast.


Yeah that’s another thing, I haven’t tinkered with the armoury yet as I’ve heard it’s not as good until level 15. So my weapons are mediocre (average about 200dmg).


You can put some shit stats on now and reset later to make a wep where you arent sitting on a giant turd.

Once you get lv 15+ Armory, yeah you can begin unlocking and researching the better things like huge and +30 stats…also the tier 3 specials with trait specific effects