Any Idea when 6* Rick and 6* Douglas are released?

The leaks for Rick And Douglas dropped upwards of 3 weeks ago;when will they come in game?


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We’ve seen leaks over 6 months in advance as well as some have never been released.

Keep on surviving.

Lol hopefully soon. I think they will be interesting diversification if they are similar to their OG forms.


However long it takes is too long imo

What were some leaks that never got released?

Well, Rick and Douglas for a start…


I am sure they are building some event around them. That seems to new the new norm. These events take a long time and that’s how they are getting away with releasing them so slowly. Annoying.

The events are actually better, imo, than a list. Remember when the lists were here? Took a very long time for the toons to release. With these events everyone who has them can instantly ascend them, and anyone who doesn’t can participate and get them


This is the only other one I know of

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If that is so they’ll release after lug nuts end.

i think they might be in a event like pick your side or something

Considering rick is on the walker head wheel. I don’t expect him to be ascendable Untill at least this wheel goes away


Considering Douglas nearly screws Rick over with his spray and pray, I can see an event with them.

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There’s a yellow whisperer that hasn’t been released either.

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They need to quit doing events with toons that already exist and that most people already have … DougLas and Rick are both in 5 star wheel … No more


What about the people who don’t have those toons?

Throw them in ascendance

I do believe there was a list with about 6 legacy toons due to release in may. Idk how accurate it was but i did see it. Was red Glenn who leads and heals, Lester, one of the red sandys, and a few more.

Then there’ll still be some complaints on the rng of ascendance and they would likely ask for an event anyway. To at least give them a guarantee if they grind a bit.

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They don’t want to show release dates.

People may stop spending when a legacy is due for release.
They don’t like doing legacy’s as no money in it.
It’s been mentioned quite a bit over the last few months that they wanted to reduce the amount of legacies released in a year…and this is how they will do it. Heard from reliable source.

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Rick and Douglas to be released today.

7pm PST

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Must be true. Cause it’s in bold