Any half factions looking to merge?


Title says it all. Half our faction transfered regions with out telling the other half. We have about 14 pretty active left. Messege me if interested


I’m doing the same thing.

Haven’t posted about it yet though.

Will be me and some followers looking for a region and faction to merge into.
Hopefully giving a faction the ability to be more active and challenging,
Maybe pass some of the work I’ve typed up as a leader too.

Super regions take best from each regions top factions.
Top factions replace with 3rd -10th Factions best players.
3rd Factions had enough bu-bye,


How does it feel to be one of the players they were tired of carrying repeatedly?


Not the case, half our team was Russian and left for an Ru region


Come to jasper. We are a dying region that needs more actives


I heard good things about Jasper


I’ll come to your region if theres a good faction open PM me


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