Any good Tapjoy offers?

Do any of these work?

yeah done them all but wait till x2

How hard are they?

So…You’re trying to earn coins for a game you don’t play anymore?


King of Avalon is a generic base building type game built on the same format as Final Fantasy and Guns of Glory. You can do it in about a week with some modest spending (sub-£5).

Rise of Kingdoms is quite enjoyable, took me about 2 and a half weeks, but there wasn’t ever really any impactful spending that can be done and actually I did it without handing over a dime.

Well my tapjoy sucks maybe because i live in asia, but the top offer is 1000 coins with the same thing to do as you guys, so no offer is good

You not getting to 19 on a week with no spending. Those last castle levels are going to be a week.

Yeah OK, I think it was actually 16 I did so probably a bit longer. And about 12k in coins :blush:.

But you could probably still spend on some speed ups and get there in a fortnight

Yeah they work but as was mentioned wait for 2x. You can get them done in a week or 2 but you got to play the game a bunch

we here in Switzerland have no offers like this. we have offers where we must pay for coins. INCREDIBLE

You should have just saved your Halloween tokens.

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