Any five stars useful in the six star era?


I recently got telltale Ben from ascendance. His leader skill seems pretty solid but he still lacks the stats of a viable six star. Also, I pulled dual katana michonne from prestige tokens several weeks ago and so far she seems viable with the right weapon. So I was just wondering, what if any 5*s are viable now?


Sr zeke on attack is beast.


No. All either ascendance or fodder for lvl up points. Maybe Karson or michonne shield but for the most part 5*'s on D are worthless on attack they dont do enough dmg to be worth it.


Commander Mira and Javier are still useful to me on attack. Human shields too.

Mira to lock down unsafe weapons and offer a Commander option, Javier paired with a shield can lock down the opponent’s AP so they can’t rush


SR Zeke, Shield Michonne, Blue Michonne, Monica, Priya, Teresa, Magna and Darlene (for SR) are still very useful in the right teams.


Priya is the only one I use for attack/defense and camo Michonne I use for tough walker roadmaps. My other 20 are for territories and survival road.


Pryia with glenn behind carl is a strong combo. Lots of confuse.

I use Jesus limited edition on SR for guardian, kelly for +36 crit on sr. The rest are fodder.


I have quite a few I’m saving that are useful in SR or that I don’t want to toss out in hopes one day they’ll eventually be ascendable. The main ones I use are Strong Heath, Limited edition Jesus, and large drop Rosa.


Blue michonne on def works good if you have the right weapon and the def leader skill to go with her. She is quite the annoyance if I do say so myself.


The problem with many 5 stars is their base stats. Many have effects which work nicely - for example Priya’s confuse, SR Zeke’s buff and heal plus many of the above - but they all go down a lot quicker than their 6 star team mates. Also, none of the damage dealing characters will make much of a scratch on a six star on their own.

I still use SR Zeke on my rainbow attack team - with a decent HP, Def and AP bonus weapon he is viable. Helps that Guardian Zeke will always protect him first but he does die a lot - second only to Zeke himself with the template Carl, Shiva(s), Wyatt defence to always be facing.

I have made use of Tripp too - mainly on an all blue attack team when we have the blue tower and attack tower (like this weekend).

Personally I wouldn’t use any on defence. Michonne is still widely used but a simple stun active skill makes her useless. SR Zeke can be viable, but usually only behind Carl and when there are other “more important” toons to take out first.

Of course, plenty still have use in Survival Road, but assume you didn’t mean that aspect.


Well tripp I cc useful for ranged healers I guess I mean Shane is crap Jessie is meh probaly better than shane but not worth premier tripp can be used on atk he heals 50% so that’s a shit ton removes all the shit ya don’t want as well he’s probably one of the rare 5* who will survive long in 6* era others are Sr zeke lilly I know strange pick but I find that her buff does lead to basic atks of roughly 1000- 2000 which speaks for itself basically the buffers and some healers


5* work just fine for attack, but are not viable for defense anymore.


I think they’re more viable on defence than offense tbh. Mirabelle/Tyreese/Dwight defence teams are so common and with a free double attack AK which most people put on either Dwight or Tyreese, even 6*s get oneshot.


Basically 5s are the new 4s. Other than SR and a few 5s that are almost fased out now your 5 toons are fodder or hopful accendance one day. Im still waiting for red hurt heal Gov. To make his appearance being the last of the og toons leaked for accendance. The more 5s you use the more you will struggle vs more and more 4th tier 6s.


Red War Andrea, love her for attack.


Kay is good 5* with a good crit weapon on her on def throw her behind a shield


With the right combo of five stars and enough skill, you can take down full 6 star teams using a full 5 star team (as long as you have a 6 star lead or someone who boosts stats a total of 60%). I’ve found it pretty easy to pummel 6 Star Glenn/shiva/Carl/Wyatt teams using Mirabelle lead, Cain, Romanov, and one of each of the Jesus revivers. You don’t even need great weapons. Of course, it fails on auto play. You need to be behind the wheel for it to work. And any anomalies in the enemy formation can mean a quick defeat for you since the 5 star team has to be geared towards your enemy to win, such as a blue tyreese in an otherwise all green 6 star enemy team, or an Erika. I think other than a priya + Konrad team, no 5 star team is going to consistently beat most random 6 star teams on auto play.


Shieldchonne is the last I think to be quite honest. And she has to be under Carl lead to survive barrages. Won’t matter anyways if you have shiva, siddiq, or some active skill that can shut down her specialist skill. 6*'s just do too much damage.


Depends how where you would say useful…

Raids/wars - Not particularly at all, they get taken out easy, usually first round. I actually use Shieldchone with Garrett Lead so will cause a nuisance, but get a shiva or carl on her and shes gone

Survival/Tournament Road - Very useful. 6s might be good enough to clear most from bronze to gold, but anything over that needs a bit more thought and the SR Zekes of the world, even 4 yellow Dwight come in handy


There a still many 5* who are usable. Here are some Team examples, I use: