Any factions have Elena and/or Jiafeng?

No one seems to have these in my region. Anyone looking for new recruits?

What region?

Am in Dekalb right now but can move anywhere that’s available.

I’m in Miller, wave 1 region, hopefully if you can’t come here, you can find a crew to help you. Good luck

I got the ricefarmer

Is there a list of what regions can transfer in/out of?

Edit: nevermind, can’t transfer out of my region right now.

Not worth it anyway? Really you want to transfer for Zhu, come on now.

Turns out I can’t anyways, no worries.

we have all those toons we are in Bartow region though

transfers have closed you can’t go anywhere until they’re open again who knows when sorry lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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