Any faction / region recruiting?

I know, one more “classifieds” post.

I’m in a low-activity region and bored with the lack of options and diversity. Same 2-3 factions in AOW, no more good players around to recruit and replace the “leeches”, faction colleagues that spend more time whinning than actually playing.
Long story short, transfer key already bought.

Something between FTP and low-spender.
Not an attack beast and no insane OP roster but usually can do pretty well with the lemons scopely has gave me (shield, revives, disarm, etc).
Level: 142.
Team level: S9+
Solo league: apx 400k trophies in the present moment.
War performance: usually 200k.
Other faction tournaments: usually last milestone.

Not my native languages but can understand and communicate in english and spanish.

Region I want:
Not a whale-mostly-zone-crazy-active that you have to donate a kidney to reach #500 in solo tournaments or #100 in coletive ones. Also not a ghost town considering I’m trying to scape from one.
Something in the middle. A friendly place, with a reasonable amount of facs/players.
And maybe entering the utopia mode… a FTP marjority area. Not a condition but would be nice.

Faction I want:
Depending on the region and its activity, between top 5-1.
I’m competitive and like to play with competitive people, if there’s a goal I’ll give my limited resources, my heart, my blood and my soul to help.
But at the same time rewards aren’t an obsession: I don’t believe in extreme interpretations of “the ends justify the means”.

In a few words: dispute, healthy enviroment, cooperation, fair play.
Basically, that’s what I’m looking for.

If you think there’s a place for me in your faction or region… please, let me know! :slight_smile:

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