Any ETA for a player level cap increase?


I’ve been 125 for what feels like months now, and I have run out of kits and tape, any chance of increasing us up to 150, so I can keep crafting without failing?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Well it took 2 years to increase by 25 lvl… So late 2020…

Actually an amendment, just make it uncapped, every level some gold / five-star tokens, every 5 levels throw in 25 kits and 25 tapes, sorted.

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+1,000. I just hit level 122 so I still have my 125 rewards to come but I’m very nervous that my tape/kit supply will run completely dry afterwards. Weapons are such a huge part of being competitive that it worries me a bit.

Yeah I ran out days ago, dismantled all the extra / failed crafts didn’t get a single tape or kit from 30 something weapons so nows its holding the territorries and paying even more lol.

Why did you guys sprint to level up? It took 2 years for the first increase, you really think scopely will do another increase not even 9 months later? And with all the other issues this game has, something like this is very low priority.


The extra roster spots and world energy are nice. And the stack of DT/PK. Everything is weapons now so I can see why people do it. Only 115 myself.

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So, I didn’t smash it out like you guys. All the same I got this today:

It was pretty exciting… for about 10 minutes. Then I realised that I had nowhere to go and nothing to look forward to on that front. It’s actually a little depressing TBH. I get that lifting the cap isn’t beneficial to everyone, but the grinders are starting to reach it now. I think it should be in the pipeline for mid April. Seems to me that the vast majority of grinders should be ready for a cap increase by then.


Haha, I hit mine this morning too and am already wondering where to get my next fix as well!!

Challenge: 10k grenades. Go!

Soon. Very soon.

@kalishane Any update? Is this on your list of things to look into? Thank you!

Seriously doubt there will be an increase any time soon. And even when they do why assume they will continue to give out the dt and pk’s like candy. This was a once in a life time gift we got. I’m sure they regret being so generous to begin with. Hope you got what you need from crafting because…


Not yet! but I will reiterate it’s being requested! thank you!


Make this happen ASAP please Kalishane :sunglasses:

Soon. Very soon.

Yep soon. I think early 2049.