Any early info on next battle pass season?

The hoarder in me doesn’t want to touch any s-class choice boxes until i know what’s coming next, as the battle pass black market options will almost certainly influence which way i take my roster.

Any idea about when/who is next?


And dont claim any 5star s class

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Solid decision I’m doing the same. They earned a lot from Battle pass, for sure a second edition will return.

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The pass will not transfer if there is any second BP event.

Should be interesting to have next battle pass on a row, without wait.

Also get some trailers or promotional stuff before his release, @WalkerTexasRanger

Lucky I was doing this, have been sitting on 3k Mateo cards for ages. The patience will finally pay off here, but a lot of people will have got caught out.

This is the reason my inbox is full of every uncollected reward from the past 30 days… you gotta sit on just about everything :-/

Edit to add: BP season looks awesome, this post was very complainty. But I’ve actually stoked at what is in there, so - thanks Scopely!!

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