Any (dead) regions looking to transfer / merge? Join Mitchell region!

Hi everybody,

Since I’ve seen a lot of messages and screenshots last weekend of people who played AOW in dead regions, I thought I’d start this thread. There are regions where there are just 5-10 factions warring, max (even including factions with just 1 war). That’s no fun right?!

Our region Mitchell won’t be the most active region out there, but for an OG region we are doing very well! Last weekend’s AOW we had 22 factions warring, of which 15 had more then 10 wars in. It was fun, but there is much more potential and a lot to win for dead regions out there…

Why don’t we ‘merge’ region, as in if you’re in a dead region which is no fun at all anymore…let’s transfer those factions (as many who wants to play in a more active region) to Mitchell to create a booming environment, at all levels of the leaderboards. It’s not about getting a top fac in, or just small factions…we appreciate and need every faction at every level. Assuming a dead region has a top fac, some ‘medium’ facs and some low facs, this will expand the region and competitiveness on all cilinders!

A few things about Mitchell:

  • We share crit weapon territories (as in no stacking them, get em an hour and then next one)
  • We drop defence for raid events (solo and fac)
  • We get top 3 as a region in CRW’s
  • We had 3 facs in top 10 of last CRW (usually we get 4/5 facs within top 30)
  • Our number 1 fac is good, but not unbeatable. They don’t win CRW’s, so no unbeatable whales here
  • Hitting milestones in raid & level up events is 99% of the times enough to collect top 100 finishes
  • Fac events are not won by 1 faction every time, anyone can win them
  • No feeding the top faction, no sister factions
  • Line chat for entire region

There, a lot of information to take in, but it will definitely be worth the time and effort! We love a good fight here, but also a fun chat:) We would love to take in new factions, I think there’s a lot more fun to get out of this game if we work together and combine our groups!

Please reach out on line if you think this might be something for your faction/region, or reply here. My line ID is wdralf88.

Thanks and have fun:)


I approve this message.

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I approve too😊 come check it out!!

Question. Are u in Mitchell? Real negative side.

I’m pretty sure i know who that is because of his user name but He was in Walkers! And got kicked for being dead weight and transferred to a different region.

KB😕 not helping. The region can’t die because of them!! With that being said they’re good but havent won a crw so they deff aren’t unbeatable😉 the regions great for the most part besides them😂


Kb2 was in fact in mitchell but is no longer welcome by any faction because he is a chronic freeloader…average war score is maybe 50k and thats being generous

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Mitchell is a decent region just needing some new faces…kbs reason for trashing mitchell is of a personally reason

Feel free to look us up in Mitchell. And also feel free to message me if you are interested in joining to play with us, be in our chats and see how we operate. I welcome anyone to come war with us given you will war hard, have the roster and can report back on how we play. We don’t have a sister faction or any faction that feeds us points. Everything is earned via hard work here. Don’t believe what one salty player has to say because we removed him from the team for not being war active / not a fast raider. I hate to put you down under the bus but keep spreading lies and I will.

When we moved to this region we brought along 2 factions from our previous regions. That Does not mean they are our sister faction or feeding us points. We play honest and fair. Out of these factions, one ended up going back to our previous region due to competition here was not geared towards their lower level f2p players. And the other is also leaving the region for their own reasons, back to our previous region. They are more relaxed teams and free to make their own decisions.

Now which team did we drive out? Have not seen any OG Mitchell factions leave since we arrived here. If anything, we brought in more players and helped this region get active. Valhalla also formed after Ders left Walkers with some of his friends from another region to make that team and have become a top 3-4 here in this region.

Do we have players swap in / out at times for war? Sure. But that’s usually most top teams and having friends in other teams who wants to war hard for top prize in crw. But the one who comes always go back to their team after war and mostly this happens in crw. Why should I not give a player a chance to war here if we have a spot due to someoen being busy? It’s the smart thing to do.

Mitchell region is great, met some good people and Ralf doing his best to bring in more competition here. I can only speak for Walkers, we don’t claim to be the best, but we will fight and we are open to other teams moving in here and competing.

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Not all that is posted in the recruitment post are 100% or on the other way, whales faction tired of theirs low pupulation server looking for a new server saying: we are a mix of ftp and p2p looking for a ner server ( with 2.5mill rep and 28/30 on prestige 13) dont know if that counts as a mix of ftp and p2p :rofl:

And there you have it. That’s from an OG Mitchell member.

Kb2 is also a very low character person, who got salty about being removed and has since divulged certain members personal info from our chats, like where they work and and so on to a troll so they can personally attack our member to try to shame them about that sorta stuff.

Kb2 is a bitter ex faction mate from the Walkers. That spend money’s on pulling toons but was being carried in faction events and war. He was kicked. It’s been way over 6months and dude is still Salty.

Any factions looking for a player their

Yes we have many facs always looking for new members! Come check us out on Line

A lot of people talk about regions merging, but not many want to do the moving everyone wants it to be their region people come to. Maybe once this update happens in factions can keep their League status it will get better, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Now faction transfers are online, it’s time to move! Even though Mitchell doesnt have the most factions etc in here, we got 8 facs among first 32 spots in last weekends CRW! Our region took 1st as a region, so we booming. Everybody who is here, is active and loves to add more factions here to compete with and have fun. The dramalevel has been veryyy low recently, crit tts are still lovely shared and we work together well.

Time to move over and enjoy the fun:) feel free to send me a pm, reply here, or add me on Line (wdralf88) so i can get you in our transfer chat!

See you soon.

Mitchell is great come on over and let’s kick some ass in crw next week

I wanna come join Mitchell