Any consensus, angel, christa, etc

I haven’t picked one yet. I have Pete, Kapoor, Christa as S toons.

I picked Angel (after picking Christa from the first box) and I’ve got no regrets so far

She’s been my defense lead this war and I haven’t gotten blown up yet (actually quite shocking) and she’s subbed in on my attack team for Doc/Aarav combos to make life easier

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I have picked Christa on 1st round, now I have chosen Angel, she cant beak the game but have some good points over getting an second Christa or getting James. Exhaus can come handy for the future, plus rainbow leader…


You could get Angel since you have other ranged S toons

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Same here, only that i used her as support on my def team

My first pick was Christa - really pleased with that choice, she monsters James, and works really well in my attack team, she is a good balance, with good weapon choices, no regrets.

Angel was may second pick, I really like her Art Deco aesthetic, it is a neat twist for the world of survival, I have not liked the art work of recent toons, so this is a nice change, but - I put her in as my lead in the last raid tourney, and did not do so well, my win ratio was much higher with Blue Andrea, I think its just a case of me not having the right strategy for her, and also not really having leveled her at all, and not having the right Mod set, Doc is not really an issue in my region (yet), so I have not quite found a home for her.

James - so I have had a lot of practice with him as my faction has a few of him, initially I was not sold on him, but now that he is leveled up a bit, with Upgraded weapon, that collateral damage he does … is pretty damn sweet.

I dont regret picking Angel, if I had not, it would have bugged me no end, that I had skipped a new lead Toon with art I approve off, but James would probably have been more use to me, at least in the right here, right now.

This is where my head is at on this at the moment.


Thanks everyone.

i picked james last time, and i’m gonna pick james again.

the way i look at it, christa and angel are both good, but i would need better teammates to work with them, which i don’t have.

with one james, at least i can clear zombies easier, and with two, i hope i can do better.

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No regrets

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Yeah tough decision but I went with Christa in the end to go with raulito, James, laopo, Kapoor

I want to lie to you and say angel because she is basically worthless and easy to control but I’m sure since u ask u may need legit help which in that case go with christa if u have more range or James if your melee attack is #1 in this game


Yes its definitely a decision best made based on the toons you have already like in your case Christa was a no brainer she fits in perfectly to what you’ve already been building


I picked angel coz I cant stand doc n raven teams anymore. Still havent figured right team comp but will get somewhere

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Lol… Again thanks! Not exactly a consensus, is there…

Like James and crista arent worthless and easy to control? At least angel has a niche.

I wonder if the players who say angel sucks are the players who don’t use doc Stevens… Angel is so much better than the other two, it’s laughable.


People look at her leadership and assume she sucks. And she indeed sucks as a lead. I auto her teams in 2 turns.
But in the right team behind the right lead shes a monster . I was destroyed, as general, only once in 24 hours and that was by VV.
100x better than the other 2

Lol who was that vs anyways. Didn’t you defend all the time before her as well. :roll_eyes:

Never defended this much, no

Of course now i jinxed myself and will be destroyed ever war :wink:

Anyway, point wasn’t to brag. Angel is great and anyone saying otherwise needs to go play somthing else