Any collectors out there?

From a collector to a collector, anyone else stockpile new 5s in their roster just for the sake of saying they have them? I’m one of those people, only 5 I get disappointed in pulling is a dupe, would proudly welcome anyone else.

Now for the fun part, if you’re a collector, drop those screenshots! How’s your roster? Who’s your favorite? Let me know!


Waiting to max Hershel then I’m going to throw this team on defense and see what happens. I’m sure they will all get taken out fast, but I’m hoping it will be a time out in raids for some. Also, yes I do collect 1 of each toon for 5*, not so much for 4* or lower. I just want to have 1 of each toon, too. I got a dupe Siddiq and Joshua not long ago. I will be saving them too. If I get dupes then it is always pleasant when they are dupe revives.

I do the same, but with 4 stars and 3 stars in addition to 5 and 6. Its very fulfilling, I’m glad I have them, regardless of the fact that some of them are useless in combat. It’s fun seeing what kind of themed teams I can make, such as kingdom only, or military only, so on.

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Agreed, I hold onto unique 4s and 3s too, just thought more people would hold onto 5*s lol

The main toon I’m after for no reasin at all is hospital Rick, I dunno, just always had my interest


I still definitely collect 5*, it is more of an OCD thing for me. There are several that I want that have eluded me. Still trying to get Wanderer and Red Negan (long hair, beard, overalls).

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I’d love to collect all of the 5⭐s I get but Tough Bark makes it hard. I want to use him as fodder but he shows a bit of use when I need a quick break from walkers.

I only keep 5* but if I can ascend them again sometimes they become 6* food basically the crap 1s I got more than once odds are I will get them again. Actually only 4* I keep is red Denise red Guardians are hard to come by

I try. Is there a full list of all the 5* available in the game?

Can’t find one good list on the internet…

I like to collect some not all think my favorite 5* I collected has to be morgan days gone bye I’m planning to collect all the 5* morgans except the asedeble one also it lasted great to save up one of each 5* never know when they could become ascendable

dennise, luke aun son buenos en carretera mortal!

Oh, Hi is this the collectors meetpoint? :wink:

There are still over 200 characters out there, I would keep if I ever get them.

I collect 5*. I keep the ascendable ones too if i already have the 6* version. Most people count them as dupes. Only 47 5* and 11* 6* though, only 324 days in =/.

I wonder how many different 5* we have in the game atm.

Last I heard it was over 200, but don’t know exact

I too like to collect.
It gets though to choose fodder. (for 5*)

Some 4* I saved overtime.

There are some of my biggest Wish chars :expressionless:.

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I have these guys! I collect just to collect too. Mostly am just called a hoarder, but like collector better haha.

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I’m not sure how rare he is but I also have your Allen :heart: