Any clue who the next S Class is?

Been saving coins since the Aarav promos does anyone know who the next S Class is? My VK just shows the next lvl up. I’ve noticed that some people get information even earlier sometimes, so just checking if someone else knows

Possibly a bit early, but given this is a non-war weekend I suspect we won’t get a new S-Class

Theres 2 s class that weren’t released yet.

Strong s class marlon and rosie
S class frost


They have been running for 2 weeks…

Can you share them please? I can’t find them on VK

And S close Daiyu

I got you. I’ll get some screenshots for ya.

Im changing classes you gotta wait fam

I think it will be Daiyu. They hinted at it on the Wangfa character spotlight. Maybe 6* Slater will be next week’s promo.

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No one cos museum is full?

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Im sure they won’t miss out on their revenue stream. Just no more room for red cake collections :wink:

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No way premiere dont drop.

Wangfa has ran for 2 weeks, expiring today. One can assume a new S-class launch today.

S-class JB has been confirmed. Set to release 17:00 PT.

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Probably be 1710

That’s another Typhoon character i think.

Maybe S class frost

It says road to survival instead of typhoon but who knows lol. Crazy I still haven’t seen a leak yet

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