Any Cheating Toc Regions

If there are any regions being screwed over by the top faction method that involves only tops fighting for their region or the alt faction method which is players making alt factions in opposing region plz let me know.

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Your boys DR lol. They got four ;). All good though. I don’t blame them. Scopely fault.


You mean rockdale, i will sent a lengthy paragraph to whoever is responsible in that region

Calling this the tournament of champions is so laughable. Oh, good show, scopely. Good show.


You called them the leaders so I just figured they were.

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Rockdale vs chambers seems pretty funny. Rockdale made 4 feeder faction that prob wont Match and have taken to single man coining over and over to waste clock as a whole region. Chambers ttt has sent some members into the weaker chambers factions to beef up thier fight (by that I mean fight basically the whole war for them). Either way scope made this very exploitable while also being necessary to exploit to even play. Good times


Charlton vs Jasper. Only the top faction in Charlton ( The Black Tigers ) is allowed to war. Currently 8 factions in Jasper searching only to get matched with Black Tigers one by one.


Ouch, I understand the making of alt factions in other regions to match faster but allowing only one faction to war is just wrong


Several regions only allowing top factions to play, while regions queueing fairly wait forever for match ups and feed top factions and will barely be able to hit milestones.


How do they allow only one faction to war? Lol are the whales gonna take your territory or raid you if you dont obey?


With pixelated promises of faux glory and grandeur, of course.


Heard from a mate the peeps in Clarke are admitting to cheating :slight_smile: Well done.

Its completely within the event design. Not technically cheating. Shady af, but not cheating.


Ain’t even gonna bother with semantics here.

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shut this shit down, what a joke


Winston is doing that. 4 super factions and that is all.

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You must not be looking at the board… we have 12 factions who have started a war…

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Omg… How stupid can you be? We are in Germany… The guys are sleeping… Everybody can fight… Omg

Stop, dont kid yourselves if this was crw at this time you guys would have a lot more wars.
And on top of that this is 6vs6