Any chance we'll get more legacy ascendables after Maggie?

Just wondering if there’s any point in acquiring random 5* I don’t have.

For example this week I have Blue Human Shield Garrett in my Supply Depot that I don’t have. I have 186k SD points. Should I get him just cause? Also in the league store I don’t have the Rosita or Carl.

Any chance these become ascendable later? Any use in Old School Arena? Basically, other than for a newer player, is there any point other than to complete a collection?

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They probably should keep making ascendables just to help newer players out. Tho whales and long time players don’t really see any benefits from them anymore


No, I’d rather see a disintegrate option that gives sclass items.


doubt it.

not now S Class is here.


Mostly pessimistic, tbh - we haven’t seen a new leak in a long time, Maggie will finish the existing list as far as I’m aware. Might still see a small number of them in the future, but people will quickly stop caring, which means that it’s no longer worth the effort. Human shield can be good in 5* Arena though; if you have a large stock of points he might not be a bad buy.

Rosita is in plenty of wheels, so you should get her sooner or later. Not sure about Carl, haven’t pulled him from anywhere yet.

Just use dupes, then your covered just in case🤗

by the time more Legacy ascendables roll out, we will be in the dying embers of the A-Class metas


Albert Wei promised that all 5* characters will eventually become 6*, so you know that’s the gospel honest truth!

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Does it matter?

Unless they stop making entirely new characters and maybe use ascendables for the S-class.

I don’t see this happening ever.

Just save for platinum mods

There’s a blue Garrett shield? This I did not know.

You know, plants v Zombies, which no-one would in any way suggest is either a better designed game or has any similarities with hordes at all, had a useful little almanac of zombies and plants so everyone knew these things. Hint hint.

yeah he’s in my SD right now.

I’m an old player and I think that collecting the 5* that you didnt get its a good option, we know that the 5* are useless agains the S-Class but in some point some of them could be promoted to S-Class with 2 6* and so on, so better keep collecting them…

Its a tiny probabilty that this happen, but is a good way to shorten the gap for collecting and giving the game life…

This was not in Albert’s letter. At all. They never promised all 5-stars would become ascendable. The actual quote (from a different post, not from Albert) was this:

Eventually we want to add ascendance to all the existing 5-stars, but that’s going to seriously take a long time.

Things have changed, obviously.

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We know they won’t pump anymore out. If they do, it will be at a 2 month clip or something. How quickly the promises letter is forgotten. And no, not the Albert one.

It’s obvious from this year’s legacy ascendables that they have moved on. We should, too. I don’t even want to ask for a legacy ascendable with good usability - that’s like asking for a new 4* when everyone around you has a team of 5*s.

There’s no indication that they will ever make an S class out of an existing character. The request needs to be for grindable usable S class toons or collectibles.

I’d still say buy that garret cuz sheild on Old school arena are pretty nice to have.

I agree. I would be completely ok for them to stop making ascendable, if they made S class items more available. Top 3 in a tournament is sad at this point. They should extend the ranks or put collectible in milestones.

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Either every legacy ascendable will become romanov (Good to some but easy killed in raids and generally shit)

Or have a fighting chance.

I’m always arguing for fewer collectibles and especially free S-class toons to be handed out, but I have to agree completely about this. Keep the scaling if need be, but the way the system works right now where anything below third gives you essentially nothing as the top reward is really stupid.

Take the current levelup for example. First place gives 60k 5* tokens or 2000 collectibles, second/third place 33k or 500 collectibles. Given this pattern, there is no reason that 4th to 10th can’t give, say 300 collectibles as an alternative to the 28.9k, 11th-50th maybe 130 collectibles as an alternative to 16.8k, 51-250th 30/5.3k, and 251-1000 5/1k.

The top 250 bracket, which should be reachable usually for active players usually in most regions, would equate to an additional two runs of the world energy daily s-class map per week, not nothing but certainly not even remotely close to anything breaking the game, esp as the collectible is fixed (and this comes from someone who thinks the rate of acquistion is generally too fast!). Top 50, which is regularly doable but costs effort, is an additional run on the torch map, a significant advantage, but if you regularly go for this you’ll have a hard time perparing for a levelup win, so it balances out. Top ten (non-podium) gives you a sizeable boost, but this is not something easily achieved on most regions.

Currently, the levelups are really boring (amd they’re not the most exciting event to start with!), it makes little sense usually to push further than the Arena ticket milestone, unless you can win. Placement gives you close to nothing unless you top 3 (everyone is drowning in 5* tokens, mods just mean you have to clean up your inventory, only liliths are alright and an extra one is not worth the push), milestones give you mostly useless trainers like xp trainers and Uselysses, or a piece of gear/medals/cans - nice to have, but no big deal.

It’s just an endless slog of getting 5* to T4L1 so that in a couple of months you could score 100m points. Sucks, but it’s the only strategy with the current structure.