Any chance of bringing back all out war

It’s been ages since we have had an all out war and i would like to see it again


I fu**ing hope not.


Not sure if that’s true. Lower lvl factions like fighting top 2 every war? Um no they do not. We lower lvl factions like getting our ass stomped by more high spending whale teams to make us not want to play because there is no point.

AOW = Azz blasted by the same 2 factions
CRW = Azz blasted by more then the same two factions but surprisingly have the same team design.

Good system we have here.

It’s just one big Azz blasted for f2p players


Rewards are usually shit in AOW but whatever you think is good I guess.


I think a better way of what BonerFarts is saying, is in AOW F2P factions face 4 unbeatable factions and 2 beatable. In CRW, times that by 8. Sure there’s more unbeatables, but there’s more beatables too.

AOW rewards are better but there’s no chance of hitting 100/200k unless you pull 3 all nighters

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No thankyou

It’s, easy. Scale the rewards for crw the same way they do aow. Obviously they are never going to do this though. They had the perfect chance when they went to the wheel system and they chose not to


I’m in the #1 faction in my region but there is a lot of smack talk that some factions think they can beat us so I’d like to finally put it to rest


I disagree in aow I was hitting all the milestones with 5 hours sleep a night

Our region just couldn’t support AOW now, our top factions would get frustrated because we just are not that active enough for them

I hit all milestones with 4 hours sleep. Regardless unless it’s your medically advised 8 hour sleep per night, then AOW milestones demand such sacrifices

Edit: Just read you’re in a top faction. You must really struggle in the F2P world

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There are only more beatables if the beatables take part. To judge by my CRW leaderboard the beatables gave up at some point yesterday, and all we’ve faced ever since is the unbeatables.

I’m not f2p I spend but in crw we seem to always get stuck with Lexington and there are hackers there one team has a green alpha that does 10k damage per hit it’s crazy and I seen a Glenn with 8k health

Or your matchmaking is bad, sometimes I have CRWs where every other match is a Top 20 :confused: Last few have been fairly decent though

My no sleep–AOW-milestone examples refer to F2P. In AOW you can beat all, you’re top fac. CRW I’m sure there’s some bad matches but you aren’t short of easy targets I imagine

And if you read my comment properly instead of skim reading you would know that I said that there is smack talk that some of the factions (in my region) can beat us so I’ll like to put it to rest a.k.a prove them wrong so they can finally shut their mouths


Yeah we hold number 2 spot if not #1 by over 1 million points

And if you read my comment too, there’d have been no reason for your ‘I disagree’ message, wouldn’t there be?

Sorry the I disagree message was meant for your comment of hitting the 200k milestone in aow