Any chance for a Blitz War soon?


Hey there @kalishane , I was wondering if there is any chance of having blitz war on tuesday? I mean I get we had a lot of war, but it would be nice to have it to try out new setups. Thanks in advance for answer.


Let’s hope not. After a blitz, blitz, regular then region war we need time off. Can’t burn out the players with the most demanding event then. Test your team out by raiding and leaving yourself open to attack / revenge raids. If your team doesnt hold up from a raid then it needs work.


I’m sorry yacah, but I don’t think so.

However, I will throw the suggestion out there. We’ve got a busy week ahead!


Busy week ahead? Curious…

Most curious.


Way too much war. Let’s pick it up again next month.


if cross region war become as regularly cycled thing I don’t think I could handle blitz wars every week as well. its already such a time consuming and draining event especially now since 6 star teams take twice as long and more focus then 5 star teams used to take. i agree pick it up next month lol


I think it’s possible to synchronize between all types of wars, as this helps the factions completely. Both those with few active people, the strongest and medium-sized.


No mas guerras que las que hay cada 15 días por favor. Y la de regiones su emparejamiento fue pésimo.


@kalishane thanks for response, I hope regular/CRW war next weekend then :wink:


I know the projected dates… I just have to find them!