Any average regions around?

I wanted to c if there are any regions that have all average or slightly above average teams and no higher. A lot of regions have super factions and I don’t want that

What do you consider an average and slightly above average?

I’m sure some might have different idears

Yes I know of one.

I’m talking about regions that don’t have legend after legend. I want a region where I can grow my team and learn more of the game, while not having a region that has mostly legend factions. Hope that helps

Tell me more about your region

Just drop in on them and look around there are some sucky regions out there but the activity is low and no fun pretty easy rewards if u dont like competition ig.

I like competition but I can’t compete with those that spend hundreds of dollars monthly. I don’t mind some money being spent monthly but hundreds of dollars monthly I can’t compete against. So I’m looking for a region like that

Be careful with region transfers as some whales (hardcore spenders) will lure you into their region to feed off you as most dont want fair competition, they want to win and if you are not a whale you cant join them and you will be seen as food for wins.

Just take the sales pitch from people with a grain of salt, dont buy anything without taking it for a test drive

Crenshaw is very average. The top faction is miles ahead of the rest however there’s a 3 way battle for second place. I’ve been in 5 regions since transfers opened and these are by far the worst “second best” faction I’ve faced. So if you and your faction are willing to be a punching bag for one faction while getting easy second place rewards then Crenshaw is the region for you

Yes - wherever Notorious is or will be.

If there was such a place, a person would be a fool to advertise it here

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