Any advise for a def/atk team

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Attack team 1:

Blue Carl (lead)
Tyreese (decap)
Marlon or romanov
Magna or Andrea (shield)

Attack team 2:

Blue Andrea (lead)
Sandy (decap)
Magna (shield)

Defense team:

Blue Garrett (lead)
Rick (guardian)
Magna (shield)


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If I were you I’d ascend all out war Maggie because she gives a 75% attack buff, heals and protects your team.

Atk vs red green:
Andrea, Maggie, Louis, blue Ezekiel, wanderer
Andrea, Maggie, Earl, Ezekiel, blue shield magna

Atk vs blue yellow:
Abraham, green Kal, Romanov, Marlon, Harper
You could also try Anna over green Kal, just make sure to use her active skill one turn before her rush.

Rise to power Rick, Harper, Romanov, Marlon, Kate or Kelly

Atk vs red blue:
Blue Carl, Harper, Romanov, Marlon, Ezekiel

Atk vs melee:
If you have the flare to get Tara to t2 6* she is a decent attack lead. If not your lead options are limited.

Garrett with heal reduction, Anna/Kal for taunt, Louis, Jeremiah for def down, bryan or Lori

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I see from your screenshots that you have line. There is a group there that can help you.

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