Any 5* u still dont hve

Asking just for fun…:smiley:

Just been posting this on another thread, lol

But of course there’s another 200 that I don’t have (300 if I would count the 5* versions of legendaries/S-class), but I’m not really bothered by their lack either since they’re not relevant (well, except those S-class and Zach, but I wouldn’t keep those as 5* either)

Does 5* Ascendables count ? I still don’t have blue kenny :laughing:

Numames! They gave that one a few weeks ago, and already legendary :joy:

I got a 6* maxed (1 ring version [it’s like a bookmark to appear faster in SR team, when I am up against walkers]) and a 5* maxed one.

Somehow I got another 6* somewhere, that one sits untouched

That’s how I got him! I thought that it was a giveaway, but wasn’t sure…

I even finished raising it to the maximum with so many level events followed lol

I got that one but it never completed the museum collection for me , OCD is killing me

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If I dont have it then I cant really know its existence…

Well, there’s toons you must have been encountering a lot while playing in 2017/2018… even old school arena is showcasing the crème de la crème of the 5* era (besides the more and more frequent 5* versions of the S-class era)

And as mentioned here, quite a lot of museum toons are sought after - surely you must be aware of not having obtained some of those?

Missing Support Run Glenn, Volley of Pain Dwight, Strike & Stun Zeke and Storm of Strikes Carl…along with a couple others who don’t finish museum collections for me…

I still dont hve red 5* pam.dont know where to get her.

Blue Richard
He’s needed for a collection
And I dont know where you find him lol

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These 2 needed to finish off a collection each ^

Whilst this little begger is stopping me completing 3 collections ^

Rocket Abe is eluding me. And two of the four in one of the story missions you can choose one of, that I’ve literally Ben leaving unclaimed fo years waiting to know which one I’ll get by other means (it’s not the fur coat Dale one, I had to use that story mission to get him)

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Dwight for my last three old school museum collections

Who knows this: Is it planned that any 5 star toon will ascend to 6 stars by scope as it was in the good old days? So is it wise to keep them only because of that?

Blue ascendable Maggie still needs her to complete my final collection.

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Disarm Bruce & Michonne
And original blue 6star Shane.

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I still want dual katana michonne