Any 4*s worth keeping?



I’m kinda inclined to keep keeping crit leader 4*s since they are handy for SR.

Aside from that the only reason I keep any of them is because I don’t wanna waste the resources to level them up for ascension. They do make good scav mission & territory foder tho.

Any particular 4*s that y’all think really make the grade and are worth keeping for their own sake?


None, maybe for scav missions if you do any. Even 5*s are not worth keeping…


still using these for SR @ level 358

alert - mark (neut, def down), kelly (bleed, atk down)
fast - sr maggie (50 crit for 3 turns, tenacity)
strong - axel (stun for 3 turns, guardian)
tough - clark (50% heal+40% def for 3 turns, execution)


Molly! Chuck! Kelly!


i use red kelly and red denise for SR.


Limited editiion Dwight is still worth it in my books, but after the influx of 5/6* recently i’m not using many these days, only for scav missions


I’m way up in SR and I’m still using some for the zombies : Rick, Denise guardian, Connor, Luke (Red) & Siddiq (Yellow).
Apart from that, I’m also keeping some for the gold scavenge mission : Blue leader Hershel, Chad and some yellow citizens.


I like Zachary for his AR & neutralize. I mainly use him for SR & territories.

I still have Eleanor “Ties that bind” & Jesus “A larger world”. Those are fun for farming road map.


4* Rick is good for walkers stages, 4* Shane my fave toon and i am still using him during raids as a leader.


I semi-regularly get the urge to make 4* and 3* teams just for shits and giggles. They never last long as there’s just no point having them so off they go to the depot.

@kalishane Could you have a word with the team and see if there could be some 4 and 3* exclusive content that might encourage people to use them again? I’d love a 4* war. It’d really test the skills.


A 4* war would indeed be awesome. ^^

I still have a lot 4* and use them pretty often on SR. The yellow Lori and Gregory are decent. Red and green Luke. Limited Edition Jesus and Ezekiel. Heather. And some of those that were mentioned already (Zachary, Jesus. SR-Maggie, red Denise, the crit leaders, …).


I m a fan of Molly. Best yellow/green crit leader imho with an atk boost and heal. I use her over green zeke even in SR. Next up yellow siddiq, yellow glenn for removal of stun. Red connor and luke for his crit boost, darcy (rather rare toon, stun remover, healer and crit boost), red denise (guardian, loving it). I essentially auto some walker lvls in legendary with only 4* and trainer toons.

Blue Hershel was my fav 4* when I didn’t have much epics. Since then he s been shelved and recently used for ascendance.


I still use loads.

Denise, Clark, Shane, Joe Bob, Luke, Amy, Dusty, Kelly, Pocky, Molly

Loads more.
I’ve kept all mine and there useful for SR.

If you mean for raiding though…no chance.


almost forgot about Blue Command Dale and Yellow Command Joey. Dale for his rush and Joey for my turn 1 team.

also kept some “rare” 4*s

red - denise, le rick, valerie, gov
green - command sandy, tenacity carson,
yellow - benji, gregory, execution dwight, rabinder, lori
blue - thompson, dexter


I’d love to have Pocky. Too bad you can’t get him anywhere. I have only seen him once up as a price for a faction event.


I still kept (and use) quite a few 4* characters. Mostly useful additions for Survival Road.

  • Red Mark - for tower swat team. I simply don’t have any other toons that hit up to 4.
  • Zachary - for 13.5 farm team. Hurt & heal, hit up to 3. Good combination!
  • Darcy - Useful SR lead (crit & hp for yellows), gives crit boost, and heals statuses. She mostly sees the SR levels with the red stun walkers.
  • Several commanders (Gov, Dale, Sandy, Zeke, Joey) for Faction Territories teams.
  • Axel - For his looks
  • Rabinder - Up till the 6* takeover one of my most used attack leads actually. Still sees occasional FT action.
  • Clark - SR support, as my blue healers are rather limited. Execution also useful vs high stage Humans.
  • Renise - Red Guardian, useful for walker farm team & sr.
  • Luke - SR once again.
  • BLue Jesus (LE) - Guardian! I like guardians for SR.

Still sad I sold off Pocky to make roster space, only a day before the roster expansion came :frowning: R.I.P.


I don’t imagine we’ll ever seen a full on 4* war, but a 4*s only Blitz war maybe?


You did what?!?! :open_mouth:


I only use 4* for SR. Here is what few I still use:

  • Pocky (only guardian for fast I have currently)
  • Rick LE (may be used because he is alert leader with neut and good ar)
  • Alert Denise (alert guardian)
  • Glenn (fast stun cure)
  • Siddiq (fast crit lead with +AP, heal and stun cure)
  • Fast AOE jesus (I still charge one or two at the beginning in case of 2 consecutive neut ty stages)
  • Rick crit/drop alert lead (In some cases his +30 crit may be useful if Darlene not available)
  • Abbie (may be used in rebel zombie stages when siddiq, molly, zeke leads not available)
  • Kelly (very useful +36 crit alert lead)
  • SR Maggie (used mostly for fast only zombie stages)
  • Sandy (green command)

I also use Zachary in my 13.5 farm team because it gets fast killing there, and Alert Kelly in my zombie war team with 4 trainers. Thats about it.


Rick Days Gone Bye I use in SR for any walker level that lets me
If the level won’t allow then I choose from Luke, Conner or 3s Sophia !
I still use Sophia now and then-even in Legendary stages.

Also Pocky for guardian (even tho I really only use Zeke now)
Aaron All Out War because he is my only yellow crit AR
Molly for yellow crit leader

And for nostalgia, I keep:
Rick Limited Edition
Prestige Governor
Dwight Limited Edition
Prestige Negan 3* (lol)