Anti Ulysses & LIllith


Can this be taken into consideration? Trainers that allow us to remove AR and Active skills?

As the game progresses, we learn more about our characters and strategy. I believe it will be a huge asset to be able to improve our teams with this ability. Nit to mention it would also benefit the company in terms of revenue.


Don’t give them Ideas. While I support the idea of atleast resetting Active Skills for Defense Teams, monetizing it would be downright terrible.

What’s the point of making 2 topics saying the same thing

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Because I believe in the idea. What’s the point of reading it twice?

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They already have this in place. It’s called do another 40 pull and start over. :credit_card:

What I really want to know is who is the brainiac that came up with Lilith when Aden already existed and he does the same job plus can also raise the AR on a 5-star which is something Lil can’t do.

Also why have the 4 specific active trainers when Uly gets the job done for all. Thankfully they pretty much have stopped giving them out as rewards.

That is just some bad design. :laughing:

No! 7char

I would rather not because they will added it where you will remove that Lilith or Ulysses but you won’t get one back

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