Anti-Climactic Roadmap Update

So we were recently told that the roadmap schedule was getting some big changes. Now that the schedule is out, I wanna ask…where and what are the big changes?

It’s the same exact boring roadmaps just on different days. Nothing new, nothing exciting.

Where are the promised legendary gear roadmaps?
How about adding legendary medals to the ascendance medals roadmap?

@JB.Scopely I get you aren’t the one who created this schedule but I believe many of us were expecting a little more than just the same select stuff on different days


i know i wasnt, i have learned that lesson, the one about expecting more.

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About what I expected. Overload isn’t gone, just switched days. How fun to be farming same days as war now.


@JB.Scopely said fine tune. I didn’t see anything stating big changes. These changes were exactly in line with what I expected.

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to be fair, the announcement pop up does say BIG CHANGES, but still, JB had said fine tuning all along.

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So now Thursday is empty and Sunday has a bottle neck. Job well done scopely.


I haven’t seen an announcement pop up in my game yet


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Well this is crap… expected but still crap. One and a half year after ascendance went live and we were promised roadmaps for gear and medals, we are still pleading for it. False marketing at its best. If they ever had awards for biggest liars I am sure scopee would win it


Yeah that’s a little misleading. Nothing big about it, just in line with what JB said.

I don’t see anything positive in this change.
Having to farm Gear during War sucks…
Looks like i can ignore Roadmaps Wed through Friday…

If they had just put the Weapons RM on Monday instead of thursday it would have been enough

Completely missed the mark with this revamp.

Edit: actually a tweak to the maps is a great idea, will reserve judgement now until I have seen what the other maps look like

Holding breath and crossing fingers for legendary gear in the ultimate gear road map. Also what willl the new ascendancy medals map look like??? Hmmm see you in 7 days

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Actually this looks a bit better than before. You can do a little roadmapping if you get reserved in war, while gear map has nothing around it so you can farm it all day Thursday. Small step in the right direction.

Can Sunday is the new can Thursday…


XP roadmap reduced from 48 to 24hrs :joy::joy::joy:

I think it’s worth waiting to see what happens after these roadmap changes to determine whether they are good or not. By good I mean player first.

They won’t be.

Have fun farming Bootcamp on Saturday and Ultimate GearMap on Sunday during war. They should have been moved to Wednesday and Friday

Won’t matter after 150.

Is that even farmable?

Gear Hunt is the one which makes me wonder.

I don’t mind having farmable maps on weekends, gives us something to do while waiting to be matched in war.

Having said that, swapping Rescue with Optional parts & moving the mod map to Friday would balance it all out a little more imo.

Please don’t scream at @JB.Scopely for this one though, he offered us a fine tune, that’s all that’s been done.

wow thats gonna make completing these maps a lot harder, if your free to play with no cans then screw you you cant play lol

why not put, workshop, food run, rescue, gear hunt and the shop all on the same day. They are low energy cost and then you can just complete the one you want or need to do, most people will just do gear hunt.

Then put the road maps with high energy cost (moad map, Optional parts and ultimate gear on SEPERATE days.

Its not rocket science, i know you want to screw us out of as much money as possible but forcing us to have to pay to complete road maps everyone needs is a dick move even for you guys