Answer to the gold bar question

Okay, here’s what we know…
#1) Scopley has said they will be reused in future collections.
#2) The road maps still appear daily.
So, the answer is probably yes. They will be reused for future collections . At least, until scopley makes a official statement that they won’t be. Please come get the answer! No need for any more threads about it! If you have any more questions related to this topic, please feel free to ask in the replies!!! This has been my ted talk, thanks for coming!

Thats an old answer, it doenst apply anymore

No offense but you certainly don’t speak for $copely.
See ma plushies.


Sure, but the problem is that even Scopely doesn’t officially speak for Scopely. They state one thing then do the opposite on a regular basis.

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True, which even lessens the validity of the original post


If course it’s you! Scopley don’t speak for scopley. So therefore we have to guesstimate . which is exactly what I did. This is just a valid answer as any bc it points to the obvious truths of the situation.

Exactly. And they tell you that in game is much more reliable then forums. This is based solely on what we see in game partnered with no official comment on here.

If the choice box for Christa, James, and Angel still shows up for a fresh account right now then I would dare to make the assumption that the gold bars will stick around until the timer for that collection ends.

Afterward, it’s anyone’s guess as to if they will continue the gold bar s-class collections.

The one thing I am certain of is they won’t tell us either way. They enjoy being vague or silent on most matters.

That sounds to logical. … Not the scopley way. But one can hope. Lol.

True. True and yes new players still get the option bc I just went through it with a new member on whose better. My only point being that if one wishes scopley to come outright and answer it prolly won’t be on forums but rather discord. And posting questions or answers here is a exorcise in futility. But one may be best off to deduct reasoning from what we know from in-game which is usually the most reliable source of info.

It’s futile to think they’ll answer either way. Especially on forums. But this is what we know from in-game. So its actually much more relevant.

It looks like our new DM brought along his love for discord and I’m fine with that so long as they don’t try to shut down this forum. That being said I have no intention of ever using discord.

I’m pretty sure when Shane took over it was her decision to close the old forums and we then switched over to the one we are using right now.


I like the forums and 99% of older players that I know come here for info. Not discord. They won’t either. Why create a account for something they already have a account for? Senseless.

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And considering you can go to blog in game too?

I’m fine with the blog but I do think it’s pointless to make a post here and then redirect to the blog just to see that info. Just post the info here like you used to.

As long as one is not required to sign up unless they choose to but can still see and find the information I’m good with it. The more avenues the better but when you are forced to create an account and then they sometimes ask for personal information like your phone number to activate the account its where I draw the line. Discord is crap.

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Hahaha! Agreed! .

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