Another Yawnslaught


In that case member contribution points would increase roughly equally, no? It only goes up for a few. In fact only a few have more than I have. So its obvious its all about the $$$. Anyway, good luck to them


It’s just not exciting, it’s like practice war and for most not worth adding to the chore like feeling the game already has at times. Especially during the week etc. also not worth the coin for a paper rank, which is also what’s coming of the league boards very quickly as well.


i see SS of Gold mod boxes … i play non stop, get food and materials … 100 fights later, get a bronze box …

nah, im good, i dont even look at it anymore. i see find opponent and i wont press it EVER


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adding gold mods has helped my opinion of it


Happened to me twice today.


i only got bronze and it helped my opinion of it as well


It’s dropping gold mods :man_shrugging:t4:


Press my button


Onslaught drops gold mods and league trophies… it’s better than SR


I like it too, same reasons


If by good players you mean whales, then yeah, they like it.


Onsnooze is boring, but whatever, they run it in background of 2 other events and I just put hits on when I remember to, who cares about placement, not like there’s any real prizes.


We have been conditioned to think 300 medals is a good fucking prize? really. Something you need to ascend the characters you either Paid for or earned. That is not a fucking prize it is a necessity! the trophies same shit we need the gear! these are necessities not PRIZES!


Its a borefest, they’ve reduced the times and its still boring

300 legend tokens is decent but outside the top 8 (?) there F all worth fighting for
No individual milestones to acheive, not way of tracking players activity, its rubbish

The occasional gold mod doesnt make up for that


I dont think time is the main issue

The main issue is that the prizes are guff outside the top 8, theres no real incentive for individual to fight, its way too time consuming and just generally un-engaging

War is exciting, fast, theres plenty to play for, this is shite


Either way, its boring, give us a blitz war instead



You know what stinks? Yawnslaught.

You know what dosent? Yawning puppies! :grin:



You know what does suck? Yawning puppies making me yawn Lol. I do love me some puppies.