Another Yawnslaught

Why oh why is this boring pointless event still exsist? Ive seen 100s of negative feedback on this Onslaught event. Nobody likes it. Theres nothing it offers that makes me even want to particapate in it. Amd yet we continue to get this event anyways. I seriously dont understand. Please for the love of god( or whoever you happen to believe in). Please get rid of this trash and bring back more Blitz Wars or All Out Wars.


Whales spend on it. That’s all that needed for scopes despite all the complaints. If it makes coin why fix

My sentiments exactly!! It’s pointless!!! 90% of the players get absolutely nothing!
This just proves how out of touch they are!!! 95% of the community says this is trash and there’s nothing fun or engaging about it and what do they do? They run it again :rofl::rofl: Makes whole lot of sense. A page from the Blizzard playbook.

Them: Yawnslaught event is here again, now go fight for zero rewards.

Me: tenor%20(1) tenor


Now I have a legit beef about onslaught… @JB.Scopely while in the middle of doing sr tourney my game play was rudely interrupted by a notification popup of my faction winning onslaught…great i know! However it booted me out of the stage I was on & took my energy…so can we turn off notifications of winning onslaught? Its insult to injury when majority of people dont even like onslaught & now it boots & steals energy from another tourney?


I can’t beleive they released this again with the current reward structure.
It’s absolutly garbage.

Add milestones, give more and better rewards and give the mid Factions better rewards.

There’s no point playing this event.


Onslaught and Survival Road simultaneously, wtf? Why not run a blitz too and then we really would need to be glued to the game 24/7 if we wanted to compete in all


bright side we have 2 other events going on you can ignore it if you want,. but the winning pop up forcing you onto onslaught screen while your doing other stuff in game needs to be looked at,


As bad as onslaught is… it’s a nice break from solo level ups. I currently have 1500 points in the level up. The prizes and milestones are that bad. This game has come to a screeching hault due to the lack of gear.


Actually, a good number of people like it. I certainly do, and some people in my faction were talking about how much they enjoyed it.

  • Rewards are actually kind of ok now (milestones, and placement rewards outside the top would be appreciated though)
  • Allows the whole faction to play, even if you have players with less good teams
  • No waiting and queue filling - More time in actual matches
  • Varied opponents, and you know who you’re fighting
  • Only takes a few minutes every hour, low time commitment
  • Cheap - most people just play with natural energy

I don’t get the hate for Onslaught (except for the first one, which sucked). It’s not that it couldn’t be improved, but it’s alright. I wonder why people aren’t complaining more about the ridiculous number of raid tournaments recently - it’s the least fun play mode, terribly expensive, and a huge time sink. The only good thing about it are the rewards, but to get them you have to spend 6-8 hours in a single day during the work week raiding the same teams over and over again.


The only useful thing I get out of it is the legendary tokens.:neutral_face:

No one likes Yawnslaught. It’s completely pointless.

Who here would rather have had a Wed Blitz added instead?


So glad that all these tourney’s are here and to make it even better to stack up this poopy infested yawnslaught as well.

this game is turning into nothing but trash rewards, gear draught, pointless back to back to back to back to back lvl ups raid reward trash raid timers reduced to less then 3 mins it seems on some of my raids.

did I mention not worth your time to bother with lvl ups or raids cause the rewards are such trash.

I’m very uninterested in this game anymore.

too much stupid shit to do in this game for little pay out and they take away any of what was left of this being fun.

You know whats fun guys? BACK TO BACK TO BACK TO BACK TO BACK LVL UPS.

You know who said this?^^^^^ No one ever!!!

Road to Not worth your time/wallet/unbalaced/BAF/turnontojustturnoff/geardraught/cashgrab/lvlups/8====D/gfsan.


Unfortunately there are factions that spend a ton of money even on this. And i mean a ton… A top faction is #10 with around 600k, and top2 have around 2.1m. It’s ridiculous.

and all that for just 300 legend tokens.

Clearly they have it all figured out on what it means to be desperate for trash.

Kudos for them.

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It offers a chance to stay at your current rank and gain coins from leagues. That’s what I get out of it.

Its also stealing energy & booting me from sr tourney when it does a pop up of your faction won. I can’t imagine this is happening to only me? Its free energy & its not like im trying for first or anything, its the principle of losing something over another flawed event. Whats the point in doing ego boosts on an event no one likes? No one is going to grow to like onslaught its a total failure like territory tourneys…@JB.Scopely

Im not sure.

I would be more interested if there where milestones.

I like onslaught, it is a nice break from having to get everyone on at the exact same time

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15 faction members can play Onslaught at a given time without needing to coin a single time. And 2 million points just means that a faction is defeated in the first round virtually every time. Doesn’t sound so ridiculous to me.