Another WTF Why?



Please get us an answer to why the prizes continue to get worse.

I have already stopped participating in these latest tournaments because the effort is not worth the reward.

Only thing that can make the start to this week better is to immediately upgrade the rewards before this latest tournament starts.

I’ll be spending my free time checking out other apps. Why? Because I have nothing to play for anymore.



Give us a shout if you find anything worth playing. Sounds like a better use of time than raiding for absolute worthless nonsense


5k 5* tokens for top100 is good imo :confused: And finally some 6* gear for us, but for ppl its bad reward ;(


Lol qty 6* gear so youll get 1 or 2 of what you want. Nothing for t4ing any 6*, no trainers, without trainers 6* aren’t even usable in most cases. So then people, myself included pull less as what’s the point if the toon’s can’t be maxed out for use in War or anything else. Trainers should be in every solo event period.


A player first tournament


I can’t find pics of rewards for raid tourney, does anyone have them handy?


Sounds like you’re heartily asking for a handout, instead of working hard to rank up the better rewards with your faction. :joy:


Sounds like you need a better understanding of the English language. I’m looking to compete. Troll better


What better rewards? There‘s none to find in the whole tourney.



No just to people that clearly have an issue with the language. Such as yourself.


Thank you


It’s ok guys. It wasn’t their initial intention.


You really believe that Lee? If it wasn’t their intentions then what’s up with all the horrific rewards? I think he’s just saying that to keep us quiet. :grinning:


Sir I’m busy right now, so I don’t care if it was sarcasm or not. I’m very familiar with sarcasm though. :blush:


Lol I love how he first says it wasn’t their first intention and then cracks a joke about something he could tell everyone is pissed about. Great feedback Huh? Is that like all the data that said people did want the 6* buff, Viktorgate only equalled 5 5*s for each player or that people aren’t leaving the game? Such incompetence, I’m surprised things have lasted this long.


Come on be nice. No need to be like that.



11th - 100th >>>>> top spots imo

I’ve receive nothing but crap 5s Tier 4 filler gear from this crap pool. Why would I want to spin yet another wheel of misfortune.

See ya on the weekend. Appears I’ll have all week to do something else.


You know things are bad when @Lowratehitman quit the game. Wow…


Who’s he?